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  1. I had a call Thursday about a customer with a Dura Loc roof wanting me to repair it. I think they were selling the home or in the process and the roof coating came up. I explained it was not repairable and went into the Dura Loc issue some what. I told them about your customer being offered new product but no installation was included. I told them to call Gerard and file a claim, I am interested in what they tell them, I will post an update if she follows through and lets me know.
  2. I looked at the Decra site and saw nothing in regards to an algae block. The Gerard site does say they add something with a life expectancy of 5-7 years. The copper and zinc must be a composition thing, the whole dissimilar metals thing would the an issue for metal roofing. We cant put copper flashing with the stone coated metal roofing, the run off with stain the roof coating and you would have electrolysis where the metal roof is in contact with the copper.
  3. As for the history just do a google for "Stone coated Metal Roofing history" and hit up the Wiki link. This sounds right to me as I was in NZ many moons ago and we had Decra installed on our home back in 77. Then we moved to the states and it was imported here from AHI...which is mentioned in the wiki. Decra now is made here in the states...Corona, CA infact just 40 min from me.
  4. As far as I know, no stone coated roof manufacturer uses an algae block granule. Even here in So Cal they get dirty and moss grows on them. I was always told a soft bristle brush with mild soap and water takes it off. We did actually power wash an HOA one time, just have to be careful. We are rarely asked to do any cleaning though. When Metals USA acquired Dura Loc they eventually changed the name to AllMet. You can guess why... Dura Loc had a bad name. I am pretty sure Metals USA also owns Gerard Roofing. They used the coating and granule technology already in place at Gerard for decades to now coat the new Dura Loc known as Allmet. The letter below says they only purchased the assets of Dura Loc and no liability. Which is very curious if Gerard is now offering to give your homeowner all new product. As far I know, Gerard has not yet been found liable or had a judgement against them...Most of what I found googling was the case I posted. I did find one more, it was Weiss vs ..., he was our first customer to file a suit and as I mentioned we were dismissed from any liability and Dura Loc caved in and gave him new tiles. They did not include installation. Mr. Wiess expected us to install it for free, we refused. That was probably 2006, I don't recall exactly. Allmet letter of Acquisition_0.pdf
  5. This is not an installation issue, it is a manufacturing defect. The roofing companies, or in this case the home owner, are in no way shape or form responsible for the coating loss. Dura Loc lied by omitting the truth about the granules they were using, granules they were told on two separate occasions by 3M were not suitable for a roof coating. When they did start having problems with the coating they made the home owners jump through hoops for months to years and still blamed the contractor. BTW we are Dura Loc factory trained installers. They blamed everyone else and the only time a home owner got anywhere was to sue them...and us. We just pushed the memo from 3M across the desk and let the home owner read it...we were then completely off the hook and Dura Loc caved and replaced the roof. That happened four times. Very few ppl sued because Dura Loc was not a US based company. FYI, Gerard and Decra are by far the leaders in coating technology...they were the first folks to start doing this in the USA. Every manufacturer has had coating issues at one time or another, the issue here was Dura Loc just refused to stand by the warranty they provided.
  6. Never heard of that before, metal roofing like this is not a DIY project nor something you can grasp in a weekend of training. I think he may be a bit more upset than a regular customer, afterall he did all that installation work and now he has a roof that needs replacing...even though it is incomplete.
  7. I think you made the right choice, take the $400 and be done with it. In the pic you posted of the roof you can clearly see a ridge cap is missing. Not to mention the fascia wrap is also missing a piece and you can see a dented seam in the roof tiles...which can leak. I would be quite surprised and this would be big news if Gerard is actually honoring the warranty. The warranty only covers replacement panels and not installation of the panels though. They will still have to find a qualified roofer to do the installation and pay for that service. Last few times I called Gerard I was directed to call Dura Loc, Gerard was not taking any responsibility at that time.
  8. Hello, I popped on to share some info about the coating problem associated with Dura Loc roofing and to post what I found via goolge on the web. This info only relates to the Dura Loc products that had the Colorquartz granules and current Dura Loc products do not use that and are fine. As an installer of Dura Loc (Dura Loc is the correct spelling) roofing throughout the 90's (1000's of roofs installed with this particular product) in So Cal I still get calls about the coating issue each month. This has been a regular conversation between me and my old customers looking for a repair / replacement under warranty. As you will read, Dura Loc made it virtually impossible to get anything covered under warranty. I can attest to this because I, the contractor, would get the calls from the homeowners constantly telling me they get no response, for weeks, to months to years of being ignored. I think to protect yourself from damage to these roofs you should arm your self with some background regarding the Dura Loc coating issue. The reality is you should probably not even clean these roofs, it will only make it look worse and open you up to getting blamed. If you must clean them, do what the termite / tenting companies do here in So Cal, they make the HO sign a damage waiver. Let them know in advance about the coating issue and that power washing will make it worse. This basically is the same file I send my homeonwers so they can see that I am not just trying to point the finger at Dura Loc, this court doc backs up what I tell my old customers, that I am not responsible for the coating issue and that it infact is a known manufacturing defect. Here you go: ...its not allowing me to copy / past the 6 pages of court docs hence the attachment. I hope this sheds a bit more light on the issue and provides you with some back up if your getting blamed for damage to one of these roofs. WILSON v. Metals US inc Aug 27 2013.doc
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