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  1. yes I do a similar processes and it does work really good. I'll check that tool out! My question to is do you find the persons name for each address or so you just label it as current resident
  2. Chris what's the real life numbers on this for roof cleaning specifically? In other words, have you sent out 500 roof cleaning fliers a month or in a month? And what was your ratio on closed jobs? Any real life testimonies like this?
  3. Yes sir that's absolutely Right. Anyone in my service area will receive a roof cleaning with a 5 year warranty that covers all roof stains and harmful organisms, including moss. We clean roofs in Wilson, North Carolina too.
  4. Yes that's right Chris, steep roofs like this can seem impossible to clean and customers may even want to call a roofing company to replace their shingles. However we can get the black steaks off any roof. Rocky Mount, North Carolina is close to Greenville and is also apart of our roof cleaning service area!
  5. Looking for a roof cleaning service in Greenville, NC? Call Clean Pro Exteriors. We only use a safe soft wash no pressure cleaning application that produces 100% eradication ratio. The best part, we back it with our Clean Pro "No Grow" 5 Year Warranty! Clink the Link for details http://www.cleanproexteriors.com/roof-cleaning/ Call us directly at 252.314.8284. Talk to you soon!
  6. In addition to soft wash roof cleaning, Clean Pro Exteriors also provides pressure washing for Tarboro, NC. Pressure washing is a dangerous service and can cost thousands of dollars in damages. We have eliminated those dangers by introducing Tarboro to soft washing! Soft washing is the preferred method by exterior cleaning professionals and can get any exterior surface clean safely and effectively by bio-degradable cleaners. When you have us come to clean your roof, let us clean the exterior of your home while we're there for a discounted package price. Licensed business | Fully insured Josh Brown President Clean Pro Exteriors 252-314-8284 josh@cleanproexteriors.com www.CleanProExteriors.com
  7. Clean Pro Exteriors is your soft wash roof cleaning specialist. We do not use a pressure washer to clean a roof. Roof cleaning in Tarboro, NC is a very needed but neglected service. Many homeowners don't realize the effects those "black streaks" are having on their roof. Those black streaks are actually a living organism eating the limestone in the shingles, causing the roof to fail. Also, many home owners do not realize that they can safely have their roof cleaned to effectively remove moss, lichen, algae, mold and mildew. A routine cleaning will extend the life of your roof and increase the value of your home. To have your roof cleaned give us a call today. Josh Brown President Clean Pro Exteriors 252-314-8284 josh@cleanproexteriors.com www.CleanProExteriors.com
  8. In addition to providing top quality soft wash roof cleaning for Greenville NC, we also provide professional pressure washing services. If you want attention to detail, quality pressure washing and an on time company, Clean Pro Exteriors is what you're looking for. We only use the safest, most effective methods this industry has to offer. We do more than clean your exterior surfaces, we add value to your home or business through safe experienced cleaning maintenance. Avoid the head ache of dealing with uninsured businesses, call Clean Pro Exteriors, your Greenville, North Carolina Pressure Washing company! Visit us online at CleanProExteriors.com for photos, videos and additional contact information, or give us a call directly. We'll see you this week! Josh Brown Clean Pro Exteriors, president Wjbrown1986@gmail.com 252-314-8284
  9. In addition to roof cleaning, we are a professional pressure washing company servicing Rocky Mount and Nashville NC. We specialize is the soft wash methods used by leading professionals and high pressure driveway cleaning. We are more than an exteriors cleaning company, we add value to your home or business through safe experienced cleaning maintenance, and by enhancing curb appeal. Avoid the head ache of dealing with multiple companies! While we are there cleaning your roof, let us service your pressure washing needs as well for a one stop shop. Visit us online at CleanProExteriors.com for photos, videos and additional contact information! Josh Brown Clean Pro Exteriors, president Wjbrown1986@gmail.com 252-314-8284
  10. We are Greenville North Carolina's choice Roof Cleaning Company. Why? 1. How about, Results! 2. We offer a soft wash non pressure roof cleaning method - this is the method used by the top rated roof cleaning companies in the Country. Your roof does need to be cleaned, but high pressure does worse damage than the fungus that grows on it! Our soft wash process is the only process recommended by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) for extending the life of shingles. 3. We specialize in home value maintenance. - We are more than a roof cleaning company, more than a pressure washing company, we are yiour complete home value maintenance company. In other words, we can help you get the full asking price for your home. A routine roof cleaning and house washing will keep your house looking flawless, resulting in a clean, long lasting, valuable home that sells when you want it to. 4. Affordability - Born and raised in the area, I know the market here. We're not out to break the bank. We are here however to offer you reasonable pricing with high quality professional results. Now, I'll be the first to tell you, we won't be the cheapest cleaners out there, we leave that to the guys who will get on top of your roof and ruin it through inexperienced techniques and no insurance policies! But we will be the best for the best price, guaranteed! 5. Local - Probably my favorite. We are no fly-by-night roof cleaning company. We are here to stay. You can find us anytime you need us. No more having a service provider that gets their check and then you never here from them again. We offer a privately owned and operated local roof cleaning service for Greenville North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Call us anytime, we're in your area! 6. Licensed and Insured - As I stated before, we are professionals. We pay our taxes and we cover you in the unlikely event of an accident. We're here to increase and protect the value of your home, not the opposite! If you are the type of person that doesn't trust something until you see it, trust us with our $2,000,000 up-to-date certificate of insurance that we'll send you right now upon request! And that's just 6 reasons... The list goes on. Let us add value to your home. If you have a nasty roof i.e. black streaks, algae, moss, lichen mold or mildew on your roof, give us a call, like, TODAY! Don't let another day go by with that stuff destroying your shingles and risking a premature roof replacement that will cost you thousands. Let us give you a detailed roof inspection and a professional cost analysis today. Your Greenville Roof Cleaner, Josh Brown Clean Pro Exteriors 252-314-8284 wjbrown1986@gmail.com See Our Videos and Photos done in your area: http://www.cleanproexteriors.com/roof-cleaning/ Proudly serving Greenville NC with your roof cleaning and exterior cleaning needs.
  11. 1. Curb appeal - give your home the wow effect for friends, family and neighbors! 2. Increase Value of your Home - I maintained and clean roof will ultimately yield more return when you put your home on the market. 3. Health - as mild and mildew grow it raises the risk of these things growing on the inside of the home. This is especially true with leaking areas! 4. Energy Bill - Algae in the roof works as a sponge to absorb heart in the summer months. 5. Your Roof Will Last Longer - algae Moss and lichen work to deteriorate the roof causing premature roof failure. I cleaned roof will last longer. We provide Roof Cleaning in Rocky Mount North Carolina, and let me tell you, it's more than likely that your roof could use a cleaning! Neighborhoods such as the one behind Englewood Baptist Church, candlewood, and the neighborhood off of Sunset near Chico's are prime examples of beautiful homes that are tainted by nasty roofs. The next time you're driving through your neighborhood, just take a look up and you will see! I am in these areas often and it is horrifying! If you live in the area and your roof is suffering from Moss algae or lichen, give us a call and will inspect your roof and give you a quote for a soft wash non-pressure roof cleaning. Your friends your family, your neighbors, and your wallet will thank you for it! Click or copy and Paste the link for more on Clean Pro Exteriors Roof Cleaning: http://www.cleanproexteriors.com Josh Brown, Pres. Clean Pro Exteriors
  12. Don't let another roof installer ripped you off. Here are some photos of a roof we did recently in January of 2015. The homeowner was confronted with the idea of having his wood shakes roof replaced for about $15,000-$20,000, which is cheap for a cedar roof. He called us for a roof inspection and as you can see, these shakes are still in great condition. We use a soft wash, non pressure method and do not have to walk on your roof. We do our cleaning from a ladder. The solution we use has oil in it that works to dehydrate cedar shakes so that their flexibility is restored. Don't let anyone pressure wash your cedar roof. Call us before you call the roof installer. 252-314-8284, wjbrown1986@gmail.com Josh Brown, President Clean Pro Exteriors. See a full video of a cedar roof cleaning at http://www.cleanproexteriors.com/cedar-shake-roof-cleaning/
  13. Here as a picture and full video of a slate roof cleaning we did in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. In addition to asphalt, tile, rubber, metal and cedar roof cleaning, we also have a specially formulated mix for slate using our soft wash Non-pressure method. As you may know over time these roofs can get black stains that run down the roof. This is caused by algae. Also moss and lichen are two big problems you find on a North Carolina roof. These are harmful organisms and need to be cleaned so that you're roof will not deteriorate. This would be no benefit to any home owner as no one wants to replace their roof before it's time. If you're interested in a roof inspection to see if your roof is a candidate for a cleaning, give us a call and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. My direct line is 252-314-8284 and my email is wjbrown1986@gmail.com Josh Brown, President Clean Pro Exteriors http://www.cleanproexteriors.com/
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