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  1. I haven't posted in a long time! I wanted to share a new product I'm using. Its called Roof Maxx and is an All Natural Penetrating Shingle Sealer. My Facebook post about it is getting a lot of likes/views . Great add-on service. It does NOT clean roofs though Kyle https://www.facebook.com/RoofersClub/videos/638472499679557/
  2. How long to you wait until you rinse it with water..? On an asphalt shingle..
  3. I've never experimented with Calcium Hypochlorite/Powder. I read a lot of negative things about it when I was a member in the old forum. I wish it worked well though!!! Because S.H. is not as easy to get in Erie, PA. I have to buy it in 5 gallon jugs from a pool supplier. I agree with not experimenting on other peoples roofs. This goes with all roofing products. I tend to stay away from the "New" products until they prove themselves.
  4. Brink Roofing - Roof Cleaning Pictures
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