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  1. Equipment is 9 months old, and I would estimate its been used on less than 10 jobs. I am selling it because we haven't been using it as much as we would like, and are going to focus on roof replacements. It is located in Augusta, GA
  2. Softwash system for sale. Includes- All-Flo 3/8" diaphragm pump, Titan hose reel, 200' hose, 225 gallon tank, chemical transfer hose, S.S. trigger gun, 8 gallon air compressor, all mounted on a 12'x 6' 1/2" trailer. Everything works great. Email greenbrierroofing@gmail.com or call 706-294-0617 for questions.
  3. We did our first practice roof a couple of days ago, and have another practice house lined up in a few days. Our mix was 40% sh, water and dawn dish soap. A problem we ran into once cleaning the roof is where to get the water to rinse the roof? Do you carry a tank of clean water? Or get water from the homeowner? Also, how many sq. feet should a 100 gallon mix clean? I have been borrowing my friends spray tank and rig that he uses to spray chemicals on yards but am planning on getting my own tank and rig set up soon. Any suggestions?
  4. I currently own a Roofing company and have come across a lot of customers who need their roof cleaned instead of a new roof. I am looking to add roof cleaning to my business. I have my first demo roof this Friday and I am looking for any tips, and proper mixology. Thanks for ANY help you guys can provide.
  5. I am currently a roofing contractor, but have come across a lot of customers who need a roof cleaning instead of a new roof. We are planning on adding roof cleaning to the services we currently offer. I have my first demo roof this Friday. Any suggestions, tips, ect. would be greatly appreciated!
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