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  1. Also if bagging the downspouts can that solution be reused?
  2. How soon should I rinse after applying solution to the roof?
  3. Me and my brother recieved our Fatboy Bandit system from pressure tek yesterday and eagerly wanted to put it to work. We instanly headed to an autozone for a Duralast deep cycle marine battery and then to a local pool shop that was one of the only local places that had 12.5% SH. The SH came in boxes of 4 seperate gallon containers per box for $10/box, so $2.50/gallon. We decided to do our parents house since I live in a townhouse and he lives at home with our parents. We make a 50 gallon batch of the "easy" Applesauce. One thing we didnt think to far ahead was where to get water from in the future. For the time being our Dad naturally just let us use the hose, but we were worried as to how their well pump would do as it would struggle at times. We knew that we need to find a non potable water source for the future though. After getting our 35 gallons of water we proceeded to pour in our SH. As we poured it in we noticed it had a yellowish tint to it, either of us have no experience with SH or pool shock so we didnt know if this was normal or not. But we were both under the impression that it was supposed to be clear. Maybe you guys can help us clear this up? Then we added about 22oz of Ultra green Gain dish soap, and we had no idea how to measure the SImple Cherry since we had no dry measuring cup, so we just used a regular measuring cup that read in fluid oz and hoped that it would get us close to the dry weight ounces. We measured 100 fluid oz of Simple Cherry and dumped it into our solution. Our sister got home, and proceeded to tell us how stupid we were and educating us that fluid ounces and weighted ounces are completely different! At this point our mix was complete and without a way to properly measure the Simple Cherry was just went with what we made. The chlorine smell from our mix was strong. My brother headed up to the roof, while I prepped to spray water over some of the plants and grass. We turned the pump on and let it prime, it was very quite to our surprise. Once primed, he began to spray the roof and I sprayed plants or grass with the water hose. Towards the back of the house under an overhang he notice a strip of moss growing, we felt lucky since we could learn how the solution would do with moss. He got the whole roof sprayed in about 10-15 minutes or so. The cholrine smell was very prominent around the house. As our mom came out she immediately complained. This is another issue we need to address before visiting real customers. Another problem now was we had about 25 gallons of our solution left and nothing to do with it. We then ran clean water through the pump to clean out the system. And put the system away. All the meanwhile the chlorine smell remained as those who came around kept saying it smelled like a pool. Overall my brother and I felt it went good and know some of the issues we have to take care of. We plan to do a few friends and families roof to get some more experience under our belt and then start to takle real jobs. I would love to hear your comments, critiques, thoughts, and suggestions. More specifically like to hear your thoughts on the yellowish tint of the SH, how to cover or eliminate the chlorine smell, and where you guys get your water for your solution? Thanks for any help! Pedro Oliva Oliva Roof Cleaning
  4. Im currently looking at general business insurace coverage, but one thing that I have never fully had a good grasp on was being bonded. I would like to know how important this is and if you guys recommend being bonded along with being insured?
  5. As I begin on this new venture I have been doing much research on the actual cleaning of roof cleaning, and not much on the actual business side of it. I have the slightest idea as to how much to charge for a job. I would like to get some input as to how many of you do it. Do you guys charge per hr or sq footage of a roof?
  6. I understand simple cherry is not a replacement for tsp, I was just looking to enhance the SH/gain mix. I just recall you stating in a thread that adding simple cherry gave you results almost as good as the regular apple sauce. It sounded like a great alternative, since I have simple cherry I wanted to test the mix out. Just didn't know how much to add to a say 50gal mix?
  7. I remember reading somewhere that Simple Cherry could be used in this mix to create a 'super mix'. I was just wondering how much of the simple cherry to add to this mix? I have very little knowledge and less experience with TSP so would rather much avoid it.
  8. When looking for a compressor is there something that are must haves on the compressor to consider buying one?
  9. Noticed that you guys didn't rinse off. Is this just personal preference or recommended to not rinse off?
  10. Im looking at getting a rig asap in order to get practice this summer and actually hit the ground running next spring. Im really looking at getting the Fatboy bandit roof system from Pressure Tek. I would just like to know if this would be a good system to start with and anyone recommend this? Would this system be able to handle commercial type roofs in the future such as hotels/apartments? Appreciate the help. Pedro Oliva
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Pedro Oliva, and Im located in South Bend, Indiana. Im currently employed as a IT support specialist. I had previously tried to start up a roof washing business about 3 years ago. Due to my financial situation it was not feasible but nonetheless I had read the countless post of various forums including the old version of this site. Now that I'm in more financially stable and have the money to invest, I want to proceed with this business along with my brother who will handle most of the day to day aspects since he is currently unemployed. I will be on here reading and refreshing most of what I had previously learned some time ago. I will seek help after I have searched or if something just seems unclear. I look forward to learning and growing my business.
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