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  1. Thanks for all the great advice guys! I went ahead and setup 8 sample containers to run a 3 month test on checking weekly PH/Available levels. I'm always curious, and love testing things out! I'll post the results here I won't say what chemicals I'm adding to the test mixes just yet, but each one has a stabilizing agent and different amounts/types of surfactant in it. Should be a fun test
  2. Could adding sodium hydroxide to the mix extend the shelf life? I have a small amount of experince with basic chemestry, but nothing like you have, sir! I do know the dangers of sodium hydroxide though ! Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, just trying to learn Also compared to Gain Ultra, how much of a concentration of Ammonyx LO is in Hang Tite?
  3. They are stored in 5 gallon jugs that are sealed until we take them out to the job site. I've had jugs ballon up with laundry detergent and SH mix, and they also produce a white chunky substance on the top of the mix after a couple weeks. I realized quickly how dumb of an idea it was to use detergent once I realized you can't find any detergents with common bleach already in them, DOH! I'm just worried about that white crap happening from the use of ammonyx LO or gain Also how do you pronounce Ammonyx LO?
  4. Also, how long would a mix with Ammonyx LO last in the shop already mixed with SH? I'm starting out and it's much easier to mix this stuff up in bulk ahead of time. Just don't wanna waste an entire batch :/
  5. How long would a SH mix last with Gain Ultra in it? I want to create a large batch to test out on my own roof and my cousins roof, but my cousin isn't ready for a month and a half. If I mixed this today would it stay stable for 1.5 months? I've had other SH mixes with surfactents such as laundry detergent and they decay within a week or so, creating gases, white chunks floating on top and sinking to the bottom. Also when left in 5 gallon jugs they expand quite a bit (also turning clear). Thanks for helping a new guy trying to learn some things!!
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