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  1. Hello Fellow Premium RCIA Members!! My name is Lori with Pressure Washer Products or http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/. We are family owned company located in Florida and have been in business since 1995. We offer 24/7 technical assistance over the phone with Rex, The Pump Guru, at (727) 424-6600 (Don't leave a message, Call back). We take pride in specializing and offering the best softwash systems and components available on the market today. We offer All Flo Air Diaphragm Pumps, Delavan 12 Volt/110 on Demand Pumps, Everflo 12 Volt Pumps, Kuri Tec Chemical application hose in your choice of lengths and inner diameters with crimped on ends (no hose clamps), Spiralite Yellow Ag Chemical hose, suction hose assemblies with SH resistant slotted pipe filters and crimped on hose barb, Titan Hose Reels, Hang Tite surfactant, plumbing diagrams, and much more! We have zeroed in on your needs and carry the best! We carry 316 SS hose barbs for your hose as well as a full selection of SCH 80/40 PVC hose barbs, SCH 80/40 PVC ball valves and fittings. We recognize your unique needs worldwide and offer you our support. We can build a complete rig for you to pick up at our location, build a softwash system for delivery or provide you with the components to assemble the system yourself at a considerable savings. I am familiar with SH pricing worldwide and will teach you how to find it at a better price if interested. It is all in how you look for it and ask for it. We are a company interested in offering you valuable products and services. We wish to thank all of those whom continue to support PWP through referrals and shopping. We are re-lauching our website in a new, much more simplified version. We are about halfway through the process as we continue to update the new site. In the meanwhile, if you do not see what you need, call us at (800) 519-9279 or email lori@pressurewasherproducts.com. Thank you for having us! We look forward to meeting many of the new faces. Lori ALL-FLO SINGLE_TANK.pdf
  2. Do you need a fragrance to cover or mask the smell of sodium hypochlorite? Do you want to buy it direct from the manufacturer? We were the FIRST ones to carry the sodium hypochlorite stable surfactants and chose to let you in on it. Mix the fragrance AND a surfactant and watch your savings grow Your suppliers are using fragrances such as Horizon Aromatics, Chemia, Nilum or FloraChem. We checked and these companies will be happy to sell directly to you. Cut out the middle man. Some of the names of these fragrances are going to sound familiar. Fragrances range from $0.25 to $14.99 per pound. (The more you pay to the manufacturer of the fragrances, the stronger the fragrance may be or better job the fragrance does of masking the sodium hypochlorite odor.) Horizon Aromatics: http://www.horizonaromatics.com/302-224-8305 or Fax at 610-828-0936 Consohohocken, PA 19428 201 East Elm Street Products: Rain Clean Scent 4850-CRC, WS Fresh & Clean 4850-G, WS Floral Fresh Scent 4850-FR, WS Apple 4850-APB, WS Lemon-Lime 4850-L, WS Pine 4850-PINE, WS Pine 4850-PIN, WS Other Fresh Scent #4850 series, please ask Hypochlorite Deodorant 4851 series, please ask Chemia Corporation: http://www.chemiacorp.com/ 11558 Rock Island Court Maryland Heights MO 63043 (314) 567-0013 (800) 726-1976 Fax (314) 567-0081 Products: Green Apple Mountain Air Fresh Fragrance Clean and Fresh Wintergreen Sassafrass Citrus Lemon Orange Nilum: http://www.nilodor.com/ 10966 Industrial Parkway NW Bolivar OH 44612 Products: Rain Fresh Nilium, Green Apple Nilium FloraChem: http://www.florachem.com/ 5209 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207 By phone: 1-800-305-1926 1-904-733-5759 By Fax: 904-733-5950 Products: Green Apple
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