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  1. I'll have to try out some of the Lemon-Aid. I'm willing to give it a shot but using Gain is so much more simple than having to buy surfactants and scents and get them shipped in. I'm always willing to try something new! That's the only way to make progress.
  2. Tested out some MO on a couple roofs yesterday. It definitely out performed gain but the scent masking was my issue. I used a pine smell that I got from Horizon Aromatics but it didn't mix into my mix very well. The pine seems like it was an oil that just floated to the top even when I used a strong hose tip to mix it in. If I could find a better scent-masker I'd go with MO but until then Gain is what I'll be using. I've got a 5 gallon bucket of Roof Snot but I'm guessing I'll have the same issue here. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I recently gave an estimate to clean up a fire station. I'll check with them when I go back. Thank you for the tip! Currently I bag roofs, which works effectively but free hose... who can compete with that. David
  4. I would tell them to find out if that person is licensed and insured and explain the importance of insurance and that a non-professional can do more damage than good. There's no way that a person who is running a profitable business would be willing to accept that low of a profit margin and still do a good job... Leave a card, even if they go with the other guy they may call you to finish the job haha.
  5. Recycled fire hose? That's smart. How much was that? (Hopefully the liner will hold up to the SH)
  6. Those aluminum steps on the High Stepper boards may get really slick if they get wet. If some one does choose them for roof cleaning they might want to put some grip tape on the steps.
  7. Does Ammonyx MO only come in a powdered form or can you get it liquid? I'm looking to try some from Stepan
  8. Good luck with the real estate company! I'm going to do that here in Bowling Green, KY.
  9. Those poor employees. At least kilts provide more airflow to important areas. Haha David
  10. Nice! I should do one! Looks like a great way for perspective customers to get a general idea of what the process and results will be in a short video.
  11. Well, that table did not post well. The cost per pound goes up as you decease in order size. The costs in the $20 range is for 1lb. This company is great if you're looking to mix your own scents because they will ship you free samples to check out.
  12. Here's what I've found from Horizon Aromatics. These can be mixed with SH and a surfactant like Roof Snot. Gain still seems like the most cost efficient surfactant though considering it is much cheaper than Roof Snot and gain already has scents... using Gain just makes... sense. David Product 400 Lbs 200 Lbs 100 Lbs 50 Lbs 25 Lbs 10 Lbs 5 Lbs 1 Lb Lemon-Lime 4850-L, WS 7.55 7.67 7.85 8.14 8.73 11.09 19.35 25.37 Rain 4850-H, WS 7.85 7.97 8.14 8.44 9.03 11.39 19.65 25.67 Fresh Scent 4850-G, WS 8.61 8.73 8.91 9.20 9.79 12.15 20.41 26.43 Fresh & Clean 4853-AB, WS 12.92 13.04 13.22 13.51 14.10 16.46 24.72 30.74 Pine 4850-PINE, WS 7.67 7.79 7.97 8.26 8.85 11.21 19.47 25.49 Prices are per LB. Prices subject to fluctuation. Please call (302) 224-8305 to speak with your salesperson or customer service representative to confirm pricing when placing an order. 1 Lb. orders may be subject to a non-stock product fee. 1 pound of this stuff will go a long, long way.
  13. Thank you for your expertise Ted. I will be picking up some gypsum to keep on hand in the case of a spill. It sounds like collecting SH at down spouts is the most effective (and necessary) way to protect landscaping.
  14. Dave, you don't worry about collecting any run-off from the down spouts? I'm always worried that it could burn the grass around it. Here in KY the vast majority of houses do have gutters too. David Smith
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