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  1. Chris, I just received my kit, it also came with teflon tape, do I teflon anything? I thought I had read somewhere on here about not tefloning anything but for the life of me I cannot find it now. Also, should I silicon the tips before and after or what spray do you recommend. Thanks
  2. I just got the OK from my exwife to do her roof, I will be doing it for free for practice and shes letting me put a yard sign up. She has also gotten me 2 more protential jobs already. I need to buy a start up kit asap! I need recommendations on a ready-to-go kit. Trying to keep budget under 600 for now til i get some money coming in. Thanks
  3. Good idea, I thought about making marks at certain gallons. Thanks all for the feedback
  4. Thank u all for your responses. Now, if I decide to use a 55g drum, how do I fill it with necessary SH at the chemical company? Do I transfer from their tanks or so they have a hose to fill my tank? Also do they have some sort of gallon counter that will let me know how much I have?
  5. All, For now I will be using a single 50g tank, until I find a 100 or I get more jobs. My question is: whats the order of mixing? Water, Sh, surfactant? Thanks
  6. All, What type of license do I need to have? Ive been told from none to a contractors type license. Might as well ask the experts.
  7. I appreciate it Chris, quick question, in your opinion, is Loris chemical strainer restricting?
  8. Thanks Chris, forgot about Lori. As a matter of fact my sister just moved to Palm Harbor, so Clearwater is not that far. Im heading up there next month so Ill swing by and save on shipping
  9. All, Im finally going to pull the trigger and get my first set up. Keep in mind im going to do my roof only right now. Its difficult getting customers here in Miami who don't care what their roofs look like. Now, im torn between these 2 http://www.powerwash.com/cub-hand-carry-chemical-applicator.html or http://www.pressuretek.com/tobechanged.html I know about the hose, but right now im starting off and have only my roof to do. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Found these pumps in my local craigslist - can any of these top 3 pumps be used? I know the bilges and waste pumps are out. Just to mess around and practice http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/bpo/4999171765.html
  11. Hey all, I'm sure this has been asked, if so i'm sorry. As I drive around my area and county I see numerous stained roofs. Either people tend not to look up or do not care about their roof. Now, how do I sell my service? Get jobs? Do I have to be a door to door salesman? How do I convince someone to pay XXX amount of dollars for a roof cleaning they might not care about? How do I get in good with realtors? What do I tell/offer them? We have a lot of difficult people down here and numerous renters, so getting jobs might be a tad scarce. I dont want to get all my equipment and then not get anything. Please let me know how you guys started and currently find jobs. Thanks, Dominick
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