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  1. Wow you must not many roofs t o clean if u have chem lying around for weeks at a time. A weekend is a long time for me.
  2. Cooper sulfate is what they use in roof a cide. It does keep the algae from growing.
  3. Check for water in the gas tank. Change oil? Check plug wire and spark plug. Or bad csrn. New one is cheap.
  4. I chem then pressure wash all Flatwork. My guy wands twice as fast as s hover cover.
  5. Bulkhead to 2 inch pvc to 1 inch hose to pump inlet. Bulkhead viton seals last a couple of years. Securely mounted and blocked tanks.
  6. So on a 3000 s q's ft normal tile roof how many gallons of mix do you spray? Average.
  7. I use a 65 degree 30 plastic spray tip in our pvc wands. What do u guys use? We use the 1/2 hose. Works great as nd lighter than 5/8 hose. Lasts 8 to 9 months.
  8. I always use the property tax assessor's website and Google Earth. Street view on most maps. Can bid any residential roof from that info.
  9. Board shorts and 50/50 white t shirts. Cool and u can jump in the pool on hot days.
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