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  1. Works great in garage... will put trailer together over the winter months... Also, bought 2 new Bobcats for my construction company... Been super busy home building as well... Happy Veterans Day as well good buddy.... Hope you are enjoying your day and thank you for all... !!!
  2. I am a big fan of roof walking even though I have yet to clean any roofs... I walk roofs from all of the homes we had built... It seems like a quicker solution to jump on the roof and how they say in the South... Get er' done !!! I have pretty much all of my gear in my garage thanks to this forum and Lori from Pressure Washer Products... 5 stars to PWP... !!! Going to start mounting everything up here shortly... probably going to miss the season but not to worried about it... I do have interests in locking down as in where I live roof pitches are 8:12 and steeper with angled properties... Falling off not a good option and point I am trying to make is not moving the ladder 9000 times... What is the best way to stay safe on the roof without anchoring down to the roof trusses / rafters... ??? Not to sure about dropping a 3 - 4 foot pipe of any kind down a PVC plumbing vent... If your a big boy and lean into that bad boy there is going to be 2 snaps.... that PVC pipe and you hitting the ground / roof / hanging mid way between roof and ground.... think about it... your weight depends on a PVC pipe.... Not sold on that idea... NOPE... !!! Please note where I live in Morrisville, NC is mostly asphalt shingles... I guess really the best way is to mount up onto the roof ??? Your thoughts Gents / Gals...
  3. How well do these spray on wax solutions work... ??? I've heard people using them on vinyl after house washing or on metal roofs... Final Faze might be worth trying once and if it does not work simply go back and re-clean... only problem is that might take a while if it does work...
  4. I live minutes to NC State University... It would be cool to find the main source contact and go speak to them in person... It sounds good, but, seems toooo bullet proof to me... Then again it might kick ass and really work... !!! I would like to see it in action and touch the vinyl after it is applied... Could be a great sales pitch if their warranty covers it... Interesting...
  5. Hey Chris... is this something you had recently done for advertising or was this your site prior ??? Looks GREAT and effective !!!
  6. Looks great... I ripped my guys a new A-Hole and I believe it worked... It still needs some tuning up but much much better... Thanks for your input guys !!!
  7. Any recommendations on a great website designer ??? I have un-wisely decided to use these guys that I had met at my local after Friday grab a beer joint and their work SUCKS !!! Spoke to them numerous amounts of time and they actually work there !!! Sooooo bad I will not even publish it... I can use my existing source that created 2 other sites for construction and they look great, but, I need someone that can make my Formula1 SITE POP for roof cleaning !!!! So over these mutha Fuckas !!! Excuse my French ... Thanks guys !!!
  8. Check out GUTTER BUTTER on Facebook... Looks like a great product to me !!!
  9. Well... Basically you guys said it all for me... I purchased all of my equip. as well from PWP and could not be happier... Honesty and being open after hours, plus, weekend after hours text are major bonus points... Looking forward to a long business relationship with Pressure Washer Products ( PWP ) Thanks again Lori for your honesty and keeping me in the loop with my incoming order... Will post pics of completed set up once completed... It's going to be one sweet ass set up !!! 5 star recommended !!!
  10. What are your guys / gals best experiences and choices with batteries to power compressors, reels and pressure washers ??? Best places to buy and what type ??? Also, how does it work with AC / DC power running off of my flatbed to trailer to keep my batteries charged during daily driving ???
  11. Bought me an Eaton 9 HP Electric Start pushing a Yamada FVT 1/2" kynar pump utilizing 5/8" chem line... Will keep you guys posted with the performance !!!
  12. This has to be the BEST hose I have ever felt in my life... WOW... Pumped to see how this baby is going to work !!!
  13. Got ( 2 ) 3/4" 100 footers arriving tomorrow !!!
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