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  1. So Chris, what if you just rinse very well? And or you saying I need to go back to neutralize? Here is pics from today's job
  2. Thanks Chris. When you say weak, how much SH in a 100 gal mix?
  3. I have a metal roof to clean this week. I have cleaned lots of shingle roofs but only 1 metal roof which turned out great. I was wanting some input on cleaning a metal roof . I cleaned the 1 and only metal roof similar the way I clean shingle roofs except I rinsed, rinsed and rinsed some more. I would like to hear from someone that has cleaned lots of metal roofs. Ratio and procedure. Thanks in advance
  4. Awesome. Next time you come through holler and we can meet up for lunch and have a cold one.
  5. No Chris, we go as far south as Lake City Fla and north Tifton ,Ga
  6. Hello Everyone, im Michael Carter. Im a roof cleaner in Valdosta,Ga.
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