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  1. Too much!!! LMAO! Guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!!
  2. Rich, I too am new and I know that this is an old post but I'm trying to locate your instruction on building a Soft Wash system and for some reason can't locate it. Can you point me in the right direction? Would love to see it! Thanks, Joe
  3. Ok! so if you're carrying a 50 and a 100 for mix and solution, you have DOT issues? And need HazMat?
  4. Wow! Being new and trying to start up in the business, this is one of the best posts I've seen so far! Head just keeps spinning!
  5. Hey Guy's! Thanks for the quick response and getting me in here. Sorry it has taken me so long to send my thanks to you both but have been making my head spin with the overwhelming amount of great info on her and have gotten lost! This is a great site and a lot of good and helpful people and I'm very glad to be associated with you. Gary, keep that in-box cleared 'cause I know I'm going to be filling it up my self! LOL While I have you, I did notice that I'm coming up with the same response asking me to become a premium member when I try to go to the Training link!? Is there something I need to do to open it up or do you need to turn that on as well? Let me know and thanks again Chris and Gary. I'll be talking with you again! Joe
  6. Thanks Chris and Gary for getting right on this and rectifying the situation. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but have been busy making my head spin with all of the great info here! I really enjoyed our short chat the other day, Gary. wish it could have been longer so all I can say is........KEEP THAT IN BOX CLEARED! You'll be hearing from me! LOL While here, I'm still getting the become a premium member notice when I try to log on to the training Link above! Does that need to be opened up also or is there another fee or what? Really want to see what's in there too! Looking forward to chatting, learning and getting going! Thanks, for the warm welcome Gary.
  7. In my profile under purchases, it's showing Inv.#306 Pending review. Does this mean anything?
  8. Hi Gary, The Name's Joe and pleased to meet you and thanks for the response. just tried to pm you thru this web site and got the message that you weren't receiving any new messages! Please send your e-mail address to me at Home.Aspects@Verizon.net and will be happy to forward you any info that you need. Thanks again, Joe
  9. Good Day! I tried to become a Premium member and paid the fee. I could access the Member site last night and found a lot of great info! Sadly, I can no longer access it! Maybe doing something wrong, not sure but need to get this rectified. Great site and great info! Want to stay but...... HELP!!!!!
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