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  1. Ive taken to not cleaning roofs if there are no gutters. Not worth the risk. If I do take a job with no gutters I fully warn the customer of the potential "kill zone". 97% of homes in my area have gutters so losing a potential nightmare isn't to bad.
  2. How old is that roof? It'll come clean, but I think its to late for the "like new" appearance once its clean.
  3. Yea I hear that sometimes. More often the customer questions the strength required versus what the bulletin states and the leave it on the roof, again versus the bulletin
  4. Yea they really need to update their directions on cleaning a roof. Maybe listen to the people that have been cleaning them for years. It is very hard to explain to a very diligent customer the right way to clean a roof after they've read the technical bulletin from the manufacturer.
  5. Sounds like Weepers. Vinyl sided houses are notorious for them. Lately Ive been explaining it to the customers and how to remove them. No call backs
  6. Yeah, I call them weepers. Always walk the job when your done to minimize a call back for them.
  7. Its 36 here now. Supposed to be 40 ish by noon so Im waiting to go.
  8. Yep. They're on EVERY house in Northern NJ. The last job I did the lady had them on her car.
  9. I usually get the high top shoes from shoes for crews. One season and they're done.
  10. Ive received more calls for roof cleaning in the last week(now that its wicked cold) then I did in all of October. Heading out to do two jobs today once it warms up. Hate cold weather cleaning,but it is what it is.
  11. Now I thought the whole cleaning of slate thIng was resolved years ago regarding surfactants? No surfactant cause it messes with the oils in the slate.
  12. No my site is fairly new. Still working out the kinks. I don't understand how your seo is gonna work, but frankly I don't understand how any of this crap works.
  13. Nice site. Im curious what you paid and what is the monthly fee for seo. My SEO is $400 a month
  14. Being a painter for 25 yrs I gotta call BS on the "sparks" theory. Ive sprayed,brushed,and rolled some nasty products in my day without any sparks.
  15. Your gonna use an upright vacuum to vacuum your ceiling? Now that id love to see
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