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  1. Im assuming your dealing with bad water pressure? or no water? other than those two what other reasons are there for a fresh water tank?
  2. http://www.npr.org/2012/10/18/163099718/no-roof-rookies-here-cleaning-the-superdome Pretty big roof to be pressure washing eh?
  3. IMHO, needs to have a little more aggressiveness to it, and reassuring. For example: "That ugly looking roof is not only an eye sore, but the algae that is causing your roof to look dirty and in need of replacement could actually be costing you money. Reports have stated that algae can feed off the limestone in your shingles. When this happens it can cause your shingles to deteriorate much faster than normal which will result in a costly repair or even more costly replacement." "That ugly looking roof is not only an eye sore, but it's also algae attacking the limestone filler in your shingles, which will not only damage, but will also deteriorate your shingles over time and will often lead to costly pre-mature roof replacement or repairs." IMHO that leaves questions in the mind of the HO, if you have facts on this.. Schedule an estimate, provide them with all the facts your trying to push, sell the face to face.
  4. I always wondered who this AC guy was that I've seen banned on a few different forums, now the question is answered. That is pathetic, and a real low blow, much less who gives a shit about personal problems on a PROFESSIONAL FORUM, most of these people who post on this forum do this to make a HONEST living, and are here to learn and teach CORRECT methods and procedures to make their PROFESSION easier and more efficient. It appear most people who have learned CORRECTLY how to clean roofs, all agree on the same procedure and material, WATER. Honestly, If you went to jail for any reason Chris, you can expect some mail if I knew it. I have not ventured over to any other sites as I am solely relying on proven information to take off my future. And I do not have the time, money or heart to take information other than SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS in roof cleaning. As always thanks for giving back.
  5. Besides only having to carry one set of equipment what else would be the pros to this? i see more cons than pros.. Heavier hose, less resitant hose, heavier wand, more expensive hose, marking hose, how do the injectors handle the SH?
  6. Non Pressure roof cleaning is now available to all homeowners in Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Charles parishes. Most homes in our area are dealing with severe algae growth, and its time to get rid of it the safe way! Improve your curb appeal with a fresh roof washing that will always come with a 2 year algae free guarantee exclusively from Grime Busterz Roof Cleaning. Give us a call or drop us a email today for your FREE estimate!! Grime Busterz Roof Cleaning L.L.C. (504) 784-9832 http://www.Facebook.com/grimebusterz Areas we service and not limited to: Westwego, Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, Avondale, Metairie, Kenner, Lake Shore, New Orleans, New Orleans East, Uptown, Downtown, Terrytown, Belle Chasse, Lafitte
  7. This would still be fairly cheap, your a prem member, go search "My starter build" It's an upgrade from that cheaper link.
  8. All of my fittings have came from Pvcfittingsonline.com they have a very big selection of sch 80 fittings. When it comes to pvc atleast
  9. Peak, I'll PM you in a minute. This afternoon I finally got this thing to prime, I actually think I have figured it out. It won't draw unless I help it prime, once its primed it seems to stay regulated. I haven't put any air in the accum yet I ran out of daylight I'll let you know for sure if its fixed tomorrow. I ran about 35g through it today, tomorrow I will try to run 110g through it only stopping to switch tanks.I also am developing my own tank stick that ill shortly have material to make, see my other thread. Thanks for the input guys.
  10. I will try all of these guys, keep them coming. I tried taking the whip line off and still does not prime, I will take a video of it when I get home to show ya'll exactly what its doing. If this is a common problem with electric pumps I will most likely make a air pump setup in the near future when this all works out, I cant accept this being a common problem.
  11. I have the output plumbed 9 inches to an accumulator then 200' 5/8 hose with ball valve.
  12. I will try that, but Im more than certain this is air tight as it gets. I only have one fitting from the drum to the pump and thats the 1'' barb x 1/2mpt that has a band clamp around it, tightened down pretty tight.
  13. I gotcha, Ill try all of this later on today. I would love to do an air setup, but not at this time. More description of problem: When I turn the pump on with suction line (8ft) submerged in 55 gal drum of water, all I can hear is the pump sucking, but will not prime. If I attached a water hose to it, which i've done already it will pump that way with no issues. I have even turned water hose on had it to where it shut off by itself removed water hose, filled suction with water then stuck into tank, still wont suck. I have a 1'' suction hose on it with very secure connection at the pump, so I don't think it can suck air. I'm going to try another battery today and see if that helps. I'll be back!
  14. Hey guys so I just tried out my setup and my 5850 is refusing to prime even at 8ft suction. Any suggestions? The pump has very minimal use on it, it is 3 years old but was only used a very few times. The battery appears to have a full charge and even with the battery charger connected it still doesnt prime. thanks in advanced Dustin gaspard
  15. Oh yah Chris, I have my Red 5/8 Kuri coming in this week some time. I was just curious because it looked small. Thanks Dustin Gaspard
  16. Nice Trailer setup, what type of spraying distance do you have? and is that spray hose 1/2 poly?
  17. Very Impressive Bruce. Heavy tree shading over the house?
  18. Do I have to call someone once I pay for the membership? I paid yesterday and was just seeing if it was over looked, or if I forgot to do something.
  19. Thanks, I just left him a message on his website.
  20. Hey Guys, I am getting my ducks in a row to become a complete legal operation and need some help. Currently I own my LLC but in poor standings with the state only because I made the LLC a few years ago and did nothing with it. So as of now I am sending in the correct paperwork to the state to get back in good standings. During this process I am also Attempting to apply for an EIN and get that out of the way. My questions to you guys are, What other steps did you all take to become fully Licensed and insured? I have seen a Insurance agent that some of you use on here, but can't find a direct link. Anyone have a contact or link? Any Particular legalities you've gone through that have been a total waste or total protection? Thanks Dustin Gaspard (PS: I can't find a way to edit signature, otherwise it would be on here.)
  21. http://www.powerwash.com/flojet-accumulator.html FloJet^^ http://www.shurflo.com/files/Education-Center/Product%20Manuals/Water%20System%20Accessories/911-731_D_24oz.Accumulator%20Tank%20182-100%20200.pdf shurflo^^ Only obvious difference that appear are size and pre-charge pressure
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