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  1. Completed this job on friday and it went great! I lucked out and had access to the entire roof from a back deck and flat walkable areas throughout the roof that you can't see from street view. - Chris, I took your advice and pre wet the awnings and had a ground guy just constantly spraying before during and after. - Peak, I priced it out at per square foot and it ended up being $675. I new it would be a tricky cleaning but wanted the job. It ended up being a half a days worth of work for me and my ground guy. I made a 50 gal mix at 40% SH and only ended up using about half of it. Would be interesting to here what you guys would have charged just by looking at it from the pictures. I know my prices are inline with other local roof cleaners and have actually gotten a handful of jobs that I quoted $50-100 more then the other guys. The homeowners just liked how I sold the work and explained everything too them completely.
  2. So my season has been in full swing and things are coming together nicely and I'm learned the ins and out of cleaning roofs at a professional level. I have a couple dozen roofs under my belt so far. I would like some advice on an upcoming job and how other guys would handle a couple factors that I have yet to deal with. This is an older property with a lot of landscaping to protect around it and awnings that may need to be removed if I can't cover them somehow. Also, I see some gutters but some sections there are none to catch run off. I'm planing on take a day to do this right and not rush. I need some veteran insight before I go into this at the end of the week!
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys. The hose is 5/8 poly braided and was purchased on pressurtek with the fatboy pump and bobs pump in the box system. I know the kuru tech hose is really the way to go but for now this will have to do and I'll update as I go along this season. Chris, I do have a couple nylon fittings but as you suggested, I have the proper poly fittings on order now! The black hose real that is holding the 5/8 poly hose is a summit reel also from pressure tek. It states is has brass swivels and viton seals…. Do you think the SH will eat it up if I make sure to always rinse out after each job? Peak of Perfection, Thanks for such a detailed post. You opined out stuff that I would have never thought of. I was planning on keeping the storage box open all the time when running the pump. Do you think it wills till over heat the pump ? I'm just charging the battery after every day in the garage and I do have most spares still in the van. I reeled out the hose once how it is now and I was thinking the same thing about building a mount so that is in the near future for sure! The 30 gal chemical tank I was thinking about would be just for SH storage and then I would pump it straight into the 125 gal to make a new mixture say for a second roof that day. Is pumping straight SH okay for the fat boy like mine if I rinse after or should I have some sort of designated transfer pump?
  4. So I've had a busy couple of weeks. Work has started to flow in now that the weather is nice up here and I've also been working on building a new trailer set up to really make roof cleaning jobs go smoother then working out of the back of my van. Let me know what you guys think of it and if you have any suggestions let me know please. I have a couple other things to add to it but this is ready to roll right now how it is. Things to add - Extra 30 gal chemical tank and some kind of transfer pump for when I don't really feel like carrying extra 5 gallon jugs for numerous jobs in the day. - Box up front for tools and other misc equipment. - Spare tire - Signage!! I started out with the 5x10 Utility trailer and then welded up the racks for the ladders and spots for advertisements to bolt too. I got a 125 chemical mixture tank and installed a bulk head up top for quick water fill up. Then I got a intake that I pull from the top of the tank with. I have a 50 gal rinse tank with a Hudson float valve installed. These are all plumbed to a banjo ball valve for easy switching from chemical to rinse and then to a fatboy pump which I have locked in a box with my battery also. I also bought a summit reel to keep all the hose nice and organized.
  5. Exactly why I'm trying to stay ahead of the game while this trailer is new!
  6. Yup, they have the 4x and the real thick 10x stuff. Looks like real heavy duty stuff
  7. I actually just stopped at a pool supply store and asked what they put on their pool decking and they said the Rust oleum deck coating always holds up fine so I'll be using that this week. Looking forward to seeing you rig!
  8. Yup! Always have. No reason to deal with leaks out of the bottom.
  9. I picked up a new open trailer with wood boards. Before I start laying everything out I would like to coat the trailer to protect it from chemicals. What do you guys think is the best thing to use so the wood doesn't start turning into mush from the SH? Marine paint? Truck bed liner?
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I picked up one of the 50 gallon tanks without the bulkhead fitting on the bottom from tractor supply and also checked out a local plumbing distributor and got a 100 gal tank for $250. Great price!
  11. Looks great! Got a recommendation from chris last night to check out Barrys work and your site proves it! Going to be getting in touch with him ASAP
  12. Hey guys my name is Mike Ambrose of Coastline Roof and Exterior Cleaning. I've cleaned a handful of roofs last season that came from up selling on house washing jobs. I'm a new premium member here and I'm looking for some help. I've talked to chris on the phone about the importance of blog posts on here and pumping out content to actually show up on roof cleaning searches locally. I however don't have too many before and after pictures for blog posts and marketing. If anyone had any that I could use to get the ball rolling for the up coming season I would really appreciate it. I've got the rig, I know HOW to clean a roof successfully, I just have to learn how to get the calls to come in… Thanks!
  13. Call any local plumbing distributors. I got my tanks for the same price as the online retailers minus the freight. Tractor supply also has tanks locally.
  14. I have paid for my premium membership. Do I need to get in contact with someone for it to switch over? It's still saying I'm not..
  15. I've looked online and seen all the distributors for big poly tanks but would rather not pay the freight. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy locally. Specifically New Jersey?
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