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  1. Is it mandatory to rinse asphalt shingles after using the slo mo or may it be left on the surface with the SH?
  2. Thanx guys. I appreciate the suggestions. Have a great Holiday season. In 4 days I let my daughter start singing Christmas songs aloud.
  3. Hi folks, I have a client who has a large cedar roof that needs to be cleaned. I've reached out to Sullivan Roof, but he hasn't gotten back to me in a week. Suggestions for non-pressure cedar roof remedy? Anybody??? Thanx in advance. Mark Dadian
  4. Thank you Gary, Thank you Chris. I just contacted a supplier in NH, Harcros Chemical (they're in Tampa too), and they are charging about the same, $130 for a 55 gal drum. I thought that was high, but I guess that's the going rate. Chris, I'm going to be in your neighborhood the 3rd week of March. Is there a chance I could take you to lunch and talk a little shop?
  5. Hello Chris, I hope this finds you well. It's been about 13 years since we spoke last. Nice to see you busy. It was -1 this morning in NH, not a lot of water flowing around these parts, even our lake is frozen over. I'm certain you don't remember me, but you gave me some tips as to how I could improve my PW business to include roof cleaning. I've tried a number of approaches (sodium hydroxide, peroxide, hydrox & perox, and recently even wet'n'forget (don't judge me). I think of our conversation often, but the difficulty comes in obtaining SH. No one sells it in bulk around here, and short of getting 24 5-gal pool jugs on a skid for $12 each ($288 for 120 gallons), it's inconceivable. Two questions, if I may: 1) Is there a mix of SH and something else (powder, liquid, slurry) I can use to do the same kind of kill that straight SH does? Yeah, I'm one of those that uses a 35 gal trash barrel to hold my solution when I house wash. I don't down-stream cuz there is never enough concentration to kill the green mold on the siding around here. I pump it with a shur-flo; 2) Up north here, we frequently come across 1" - 2" carpets of lichen & moss in addition to the black algae stains. Are there short-cuts to resolving this problem? I'm thinking a roof-rake, but not sure if that would do damage to the surface. Do you folks even have that kind of build-up? Thanx for taking the time to review my post Chris. It would mean a lot to me if I could get some help with this. Mark A. Dadian Hydro-Pro Power Wash, LLC 118 Church St., #1 Laconia, NH 03246
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