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  1. Sorry, in between things and building a whelping box for my expecting Yellow Lab. Add up all the weight of you equipment (tanks, compressor, pump(s), hoses, and anything else you plan to be on the trailer and compare to the trailers GVW. If the total weight is close or over, you might want to go with a smaller tank or only fill the tank just so much as to be under weight.
  2. Definitely an air pump setup is the way to go. Just figure in all the weight of your equipment with tanks and solutions. SH is about 10 lbs per gallon and water is 8 lbs per gallon
  3. Be careful with the size of those tanks. If you fill completely with just water you will probably be over weight limit of the trailer.
  4. Very interested in this concept. Up here in Central NH there are homes but mostly businesses who use solar panels. Power regulators just OK'd a power rate increase which will DOUBLE everyone's bill.
  5. Carbon fiber is way too expensive. One thing to use is a snow rake pole. They are aluminium but snap together so you could make it anywhere from 6' to however long you want, each section is 6' long and they are cheap. Fiberglass is fairly cheap too.
  6. I have a 12' telescopic pole that is pretty rigid and will handle quite a bit of weight. Need to find one made of carbon fiber.
  7. But I must think safety first and think of ways to work safely. When I am on a ladder above 1 story I am anchored with my harness clipped to the ladder rung. I do use a ladder stabilizer every time I use a ladder. Kevin's suggestion of the ladder extensions in another post would greatly help in stabilizing. I could clip to both extensions then to my harness so I could use both hands on the telescopic pole. Of course I would use this set up on any height from a ladder.
  8. I like the compressed idea also Chris, Im just not set up for it presently. I was thinking of setting up an air nozzle on a light weight telescopic pole with the nozzle pointed back toward me or skewed off to the side slightly for working off from a ladder. Although I have to consider the weight of the hose which could be light weight also.
  9. Wow, what a waste of time and customers money to pressure wash a roof with air. The customer HAVE to complain about the GM still on the roof.
  10. Well, for now I have the leaf blower. The back pack style isnt too bad and it works in a snap. I cleared both sides of a 2 bay garage roof in about 5-8 minutes covered with pine needles and leaves. I dont have a big compressor (9 gal tanks) nor do I have a reserve tank. In the near future (next year) I hope to have a bigger compressor to be able to utilize for projects like this. The leaf blower wont touch shingle edge moss. Thats not what I use it for. As most people here state not to remove the shingle edge moss manually as you could pull off the shingle granules. If there is loose carpet moss though, it blows right off. I certainly wouldnt use compressed air to do what the guy in the last video does, lol. I feel (for now) the leaf blower is less invasive, not concentrated in a small area as to possibly do damage to the shingle. If someone isnt experienced with compressed air enough with that much air blowing in a small area, they could do a lot of damage. It's just gaining a feel for using the wand which could take some people time to get used to it. Watching Kevins video, he moves the wand quickly not to remove much of the moss, just the loose stuff.
  11. We use a backpack leaf blower on roofs with a 6 pitch or less. Work from the top down. Takes just a few minuted to clear the roof off.
  12. Thanks Gary, I never thought of using windshield washer fluid.
  13. How cold can it get before I need to bring my Yamada Kynar pump inside to warmer temps? Its supposed to get down to 27-28 degrees tonight. My roof cleaning trailer is in our garage. Gene
  14. Here is an MSDS of Odoban http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/9e/9e3d1b9d-1582-40a9-9e82-9c0854db7edf.pdf
  15. Thanks Island. I'll be adding a few more things soon when my graphic artist becomes less busy
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