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  1. We have 4-50' sections of X-hose pro hoses. Today as we were hosing things down (plants) 2 of the hoses Inner tube broke and the hoses completely failed. Im going to try and get my $ back on these whilst keeping my fingers crossed. I need the Mean green hoses or an equivalent.
  2. That is one honkin reel. Not sure if I will buy it yet. The tank alone costs 600 bucks new. Not sure about the Honda GTX, didnt find a GTX series motor anywhere
  3. Iwill use this mainly for a storage tank, clean up the reel (its kinda big but I could easily sell it) and use the honda motor possibly on my existing compressor, if it fits
  4. Im looking at this spray skid for sale. There is a 300 gal tank, a Honda GTX6 motor with a pump and a Hannaelectric reel that holds about 400 ft of hose. Theguy is asking $450 for the set up. What ya think?
  5. Chris, I watched your 4 videos, what are you using for a pump?
  6. I was wrong. When I first looked at it the sun was shining bright on the stain and it looked (to me) like brick dust
  7. We cleaned a section of roof shingles with Barc F9 today and it came out Fantastic with a very happy home owner. Thank you Craig from F9 and everyone else for their input. Here are a couple pics.
  8. My sister has a cockapoo, talk about smart, can count to 10 and in any order give you any number up to 10 in barks just by saying the number
  9. These are a mix, the mother is pure Lab and the father is a Labradoodle. Labradoodles are a cross between a Lab and a standard Poodle which is a full size dog. Bear (the doodle) is a great dog. Not real hyper like a Lab I will check out the PWRA.
  10. So here are a couple pics of our newborn puppies. Butterscotch had 12 pups but one didnt make it.
  11. Hey what ever happened to the window stickers everyone was talking about a few months ago?
  12. Oh yes there will be puppy pictures. We had an x-ray done today.....12 puppies.
  13. Damn good deal. The 225 gal tank is 500 bucks new and the 65 gal is 200 bucks new. If you went with a smaller tank you could fit a compressor easily. I have a 65 gal tank and a 35 gal tank. I could easily replace the 35 with another 65 gal tank with compressor, pumps, plumbing, 200ft of kuritec hose, buckets, brushes and telescopic poles. Also have a truck rack mounted on the trailer and carry 32' and 24' extention ladders. and my trailer is 5x8.
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