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  1. Merry Christmas everyone from Renew Roof & Exterior cleaning
  2. I will Gary and I will probably go with the 316 stainless ends.
  3. PWP has really good prices on their ag hose but I didnt see any 3/4". However they do mention it. I will have to contact them to see what they have.
  4. So where can I find 3/4" spray hose? I've looked at a lot of different places and dont seem to see any.
  5. The description says 300 lbs unless its a typo. The unit doesn't look very big.
  6. Welcome, Start reading the topics & posts. There are hundreds if not thousands of topics on how to get going in this business on this forum and the old forum. Become a premium member to get the full advantage and benefits of everyone's knowledge.
  7. Winterized 2 weeks ago. Everything rinsed & drained, 1/2" Yamada pump and 1" Hastelloy super pump in the cellar awaiting next season.
  8. Did not purchase this skid unit. The owner didnt know what size hose he has. It would have been nice to have the reel, it isnt a necessity. With the new 1" pump I need bigger hose and only 200' of it. If I do need more for a job I will get another 200'. Who knows, if the guy still has it in the spring I might pick it up. Besides, I need to save my pennies for a bigger compressor.
  9. My Hastelloy 1" change my roof cleaning career 70+ lbs of awesomeness roof cleaning pump arrived today Now I have plenty of time to upgrade my rig and look for a worthy compressor that I will probably put in the back of my truck.
  10. Going to look at this skid set up on Saturday and probably purchasing.
  11. Lol, they are hard to resist until you wake up in the morning and see all their...............poop
  12. We have a female Yellow Lab 2 yrs old kind of high strung but settling down and a male Labradoodle 1 yr old, he is an awesome companion. The mother and father of the puppies. Never had a problem with them chewing other than a couple pairs of flip flops. I guess we are lucky.
  13. I started out purchasing a 12v setup from Pressure Tek. After listening to the "Godfathers" of this great forum that Air is the only real way to go, I sold the 12v setup and bought a Yamada NDP-15 Kynar/Teflon AODD pump on Ebay for $300 and a Rigid contractor grade air compressor off Craigslist for $225. Best $ I ever spent. This setup has served me well. Next season I will be becoming one of the Big Boys by purchasing a 1" Hastelloy big boy pump from Chris T in a week or so. Im sure this will change my roof cleaning career for the better and will give me a ton of flexibility. Now Im looking for a larger compressor and larger trailer OR a flatbed truck. I know a guy who has a 1971 Ford F-350 with 20k miles on it with a 12' flatbed in Awesome condition. I'm trying to get him to sell it to me. Older truck=no emission crap to deal with. We'll see how things go.
  14. Ya I would have to call the company because there is NO navigation on their website just email addresses
  15. Has anyone heard of this company and their pump "Brutus" ?
  16. Good luck Gary. I gave a quote to a condo association up near ski areas in VT. 6 buildings 4 units each 1300 sqft, 42,000 sqft roof surface total. Mostly GM with a little moss. Quote $9600. Never heard back. I called and left a message 2 weeks later, never heard back. Quote was a great deal for them. $400 each unit.
  17. Oh well ......I look all the time for at least a 3/4" pump. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  18. They are cute as hell, walking, chewing on each other, howling, screambarking lol
  19. The hose was something I wanted to try for watering greenery. Its advertised as (3/4") hose but in reality the ball valves are 1/4" or 3/8". Easy to move around and pack back up, all 4 hoses in a 5 gal bucket. We do have 200' of contractor grade hoses but they are fairly stiff in the colder weather and a bear to coil up. Thats why I want the Mean Green hose.
  20. Well my current tailer is too small for the reel and I wouldn't mount the tank on a trailer, just use it for storage of SH
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