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  1. Did not purchase this skid unit. The owner didnt know what size hose he has. It would have been nice to have the reel, it isnt a necessity. With the new 1" pump I need bigger hose and only 200' of it. If I do need more for a job I will get another 200'. Who knows, if the guy still has it in the spring I might pick it up. Besides, I need to save my pennies for a bigger compressor.

  2. We have a female Yellow Lab 2 yrs old kind of high strung but settling down and a male Labradoodle 1 yr old, he is an awesome companion. The mother and father of the puppies. Never had a problem with them chewing other than a couple pairs of flip flops. I guess we are lucky.

  3. I started out purchasing a 12v setup from Pressure Tek. After listening to the "Godfathers" of this great forum that Air is the only real way to go, I sold the 12v setup and bought a Yamada NDP-15 Kynar/Teflon AODD pump on Ebay for $300 and a Rigid contractor grade air compressor off Craigslist for $225. Best $ I ever spent. This setup has served me well. Next season I will be becoming one of the Big Boys :) by purchasing a 1" Hastelloy big boy pump from Chris T in a week or so. Im sure this will change my roof cleaning career for the better and will give me a ton of flexibility. Now Im looking for a larger compressor and larger trailer OR a flatbed truck. I know a guy who has a 1971 Ford F-350 with 20k miles on it with a 12' flatbed in Awesome condition. I'm trying to get him to sell it to me. Older truck=no emission crap to deal with. We'll see how things go.

  4. Good luck Gary. I gave a quote to a condo association up near ski areas in VT. 6 buildings 4 units each 1300 sqft, 42,000 sqft roof surface total. Mostly GM with a little moss. Quote $9600. Never heard back. I called and left a message 2 weeks later, never heard back. Quote was a great deal for them. $400 each unit.

  5. The hose was something I wanted to try for watering greenery. Its advertised as (3/4") hose but in reality the ball valves are 1/4" or 3/8". Easy to move around and pack back up, all 4 hoses in a 5 gal bucket. We do have 200' of contractor grade hoses but they are fairly stiff in the colder weather and a bear to coil up. Thats why I want the Mean Green hose.

  6. We have 4-50' sections of X-hose pro hoses. Today as we were hosing things down (plants) 2 of the hoses Inner tube broke and the hoses completely failed. Im going to try and get my $ back on these whilst keeping my fingers crossed. I need the Mean green hoses or an equivalent. 

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