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  1. Im looking for a good cheap place to order embroidered polo shirts. I ordered some from Queensboro and they screwed up the order. They sent my goods to the wrong customer, knew it and didnt tell me even after I called them twice looking for my shirts. So Im looking elsewhere.

    So if anyone has a good source for their shirts, pass it on please. Thanks 

  2. Instead of spending bigger bucks, for now Im picking up an HF construction grade compressor (1yr old) and will run it with my current compressor in tandem. Nearly identical specs on both to run my Hastelloy 1" eventually going with a larger compressor down the road. Also picking up a enclosed utility trailer duel wheel 8x16 for a great price. 

    It feels like this winter is taking forever!!!!

  3. Last year using the bottom draw on my SH and water tanks was a little on the difficult side because of the un-level driveways and streets I had to work on. Alot of the driveways here are small and there isnt much choice where I can park the rig and cant always park with the tank bung going down hill. I had a few level driveways though. I am thinking of going with a drop stick for this upcoming season to get the most material out of my tanks without having to mix more just to get the job done especially when most of the homes around here are medium sized. I could make up more than what I need but last season I had 1-65 gal tank for SH and a 35 gal tank for fresh water. With the new Hastelloy pump I will use another 65 gal tank for fresh water and the 35 gal for Sh or house wash which may be too small. I am looking at an 8'x16' enclosed trailer w/duel axles instead of my 5x8 trailer, more than twice the room. 

  4. Welcome Jet Blue to the best roof cleaning forum. 

    The pump you have on your post is probably not the one you will want for roof cleaning. The santoprene diaphragms would Have to be rinsed out every day at least and the EPDM ball valves arent the best choice. 

    Here is a link for a Wilden Kynar roof cleaning pump that is made for chemicals with PTFE (teflon) diaphragms and ball valves and will last much longer than the santoprene/EPDM pump.


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