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  1. I use air but have been using the Pressure Tek Jrod nozzle set paired with the 5850 (#1530 nozzle)which is what I initially bought to clean roofs with. I like the flexibility of the different degree nozzles. Because of a rusty holder, I just bought a Jrod setup made for the 7850 (#40 nozzles) for a little more flow and I plan on using both 15 degree nozzles on the same holder for a little more flexibility. I do have the Master nozzle which is awesome but I use that for rinsing the roof with my water booster and mean green hose (Great hose love the set up).

    Now that Im using a water booster. There is no need in my neck of the woods to purchase a large compressor for my Hastelloy 1" pump. Its for sale.


  2. I was a gravure printer for 18 years. Mainly water based inks. Pioneers in the gravure printing industry. The only chemical that would actually dissolve our dried inks was MEK, Methyl Ethyl Keytone. Its nasty chit but it works. Our "guys" never liked to rinse out the pumps and they clogged up over the weekend and had to be rebuilt A lot. It also has a B rating on Poly on the Cole-Parmer website.

  3. I dont think its just simple minded people who steal. Drugs probably being the top motivator. When I was a kid, my parents had a very expensive camel hair 10 person tent stolen from our yard. We never found out who did it (mind you this was 35 years ago). One day about 5 years ago the perp knocked on my mothers door (same home) and spilled his guts. This guy was a childhood friend of mine. He had tears in his eyes when he told my mother what he did and proceeded to give my mom 500 bucks. He said he couldnt stand to have this hanging over his head any longer. The motivator? drugs, and that was 35 years ago. People steal for a multitude of reasons, drugs, being poor, playing a prank and just for the hell of it. Kevin Im sorry that happened to you.


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