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  1. I bought the pump kit but I sold it soon after, never used it. I went with an air system. 1/2 inch AODD Yamada Kynar pump with teflon diaphrams and run it off a Rigid 5 hp air compressor. Im looking at adding a larger trailer or flat bed truck, another compressor that I can get at a decent price and a 1" pump to reach the peaks on taller roofs. I also use a water booster for rinsing @ 20gpm.

  2. I have a good question on metal roofs. I will be looking at a large home with a very steep roof to clean(asphalt shingles) and siding clean. The only thing is, the asphalt shingle roof dumps directly onto a metal roof. So my mix will run onto the metal roof a little when I spray and a lot when I rinse. My thoughts are to continuously spray the metal roof with water (drilled well at the home) or tarp the metal roof. Only thing about tarping is I dont know how big that metal roof is until I go and look at it.

    Any thoughts?

  3. I just had a short very unpleasant conversation (if you want to call it that) with a local school maintenance manager. I introduced myself and briefly explained what I do. Their roofs are covered in GM and some moss. All he could say was "NNNAAA" very rudely and hung up.

    I know I will get this type of attitude from time to time but not from a public school where their salaries are paid for by the public taxes. Which by the way is the highest in my state. I feel I should talk  with or at least email the Superintendent and let him/her know how rude this guy was and give them information on how the district can save money.

    Any thoughts?

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