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  1. I bought the pump kit but I sold it soon after, never used it. I went with an air system. 1/2 inch AODD Yamada Kynar pump with teflon diaphrams and run it off a Rigid 5 hp air compressor. Im looking at adding a larger trailer or flat bed truck, another compressor that I can get at a decent price and a 1" pump to reach the peaks on taller roofs. I also use a water booster for rinsing @ 20gpm.
  2. You have to go throught he state but you also have to have a registered agent before becoming an LLC.
  3. While I was looking into mold remediation last year I came across this product at 15 bucks a gallon-bleach and soap, big rip off. http://www.rapidmoldremover.com/ 30 seconds cleaner-10 bucks a gallon-5% household strength bleach. I did buy F9 and I thought it was great although Ihave never use oxalic, yet.
  4. The "Cleaner Today" ( the name of the company who produces this stuff in powder form) Roof cleaner QSE 3000 is Sodium Hydroxide based and their Roof cleaner OX cleaner is S Percarbonate based. Found on this forum http://www.contractortalk.com/f15/what-non-toxic-algae-mold-cleaners-1252/index2/
  5. Dirty roof? Why spend $5000-$20,000 replacing your roof before it's time is up? A typical asphalt roof in the Walpole New Hampshire area should last from 20-35 years. I have seen lots of roofs 8-10-15 years old that are covered with GM (Gloeocapsa Magma-Black streaks) Moss, Lichen and or Rust stains that are being replaced needlessly costing New Hampshire home owners thousands of dollars. We use the industry's only cleaning method approved by the ARMA (American Roofing Manufacturers Association) which are the asphalt shingle manufacturers of North America. Non pressure cleaning leaves your roof & exterior surface Damage Free!! NEVER USE OR HIRE A CONTRACTOR TO CLEAN YOUR ROOF WITH A PRESSURE WASHER. A PRESSURE WASHER WILL DAMAGE YOUR ROOF RESULTING IN HUGE REPLACEMENT COSTS!!! With your roof in Walpole New Hampshire being one of the most expensive structures of your home, it makes sense to maintain it as best as you can. Hiring a professional New Hampshire roof cleaning contractor will save you thousands of dollars on premature roof replacements. We also clean and revitalize Slate roofs, Metal roofs, siding, decks, patios, cement, fencing in Walpole as well. Please visit our web site www.streakyroof.com and view our gallery to see what kind of difference we can make on your home. Cleaning completed During treatment During treatment
  6. I plan on using Anti-Chlor which is sold just down the road to neutralize the metal roof with.
  7. Thanks Chris. Seems to make the most sense to me.
  8. Also dont know what type siding is on the home.
  9. I have a good question on metal roofs. I will be looking at a large home with a very steep roof to clean(asphalt shingles) and siding clean. The only thing is, the asphalt shingle roof dumps directly onto a metal roof. So my mix will run onto the metal roof a little when I spray and a lot when I rinse. My thoughts are to continuously spray the metal roof with water (drilled well at the home) or tarp the metal roof. Only thing about tarping is I dont know how big that metal roof is until I go and look at it. Any thoughts?
  10. Here is a slate roof we treated last summer in Langdon New Hampshire in Cheshire county. Just recently were we able to get the After treatment pics. Slate roofs are extremely expensive to replace and to repair. This roof has New England purple slate which is $12 per slate-new and $6 per slate used. It makes sound financial sense to have your New Hampshire or Vermont slate roof cleaned professionally saving you many thousands of dollars. We can turn your black streaked moss covered into the beautiful slate roof that was meant to be shown and protecting your home.
  11. Sweet!!! Thank you Kevin. You say the diameter is small. Is it 3/4 od? This is the Flex RT hose right?
  12. Im thinking one reason would be that the roof cleaning industry has been in the lower states for 20-30 years? And up north here its basically just beginning. at least in my neck of the woods.
  13. I guess my question is, why doesnt this fungus grow as much in the more southern states?
  14. I work with a guy who recently moved from Georgia, he also lived in Mississippi. He said he has never seen (or never noticed) lichen on roof tops in these southern states. Is this correct or is he just not observant?
  15. I just had a short very unpleasant conversation (if you want to call it that) with a local school maintenance manager. I introduced myself and briefly explained what I do. Their roofs are covered in GM and some moss. All he could say was "NNNAAA" very rudely and hung up. I know I will get this type of attitude from time to time but not from a public school where their salaries are paid for by the public taxes. Which by the way is the highest in my state. I feel I should talk with or at least email the Superintendent and let him/her know how rude this guy was and give them information on how the district can save money. Any thoughts?
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