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  1. Ok. I do want the 1"poly pump. I'll have about 17cfm, hope thats enough.

    My Yamada is clicking loudly and there may be gunk in the pump. I took off my muffler and there is a combination of water gunk with oil from the compressor inside the muffler.

  2. I dont agree at all with what they say about roof cleaning. Im giving it a try. I know it takes time but week 1 no leads. All they want is to sell me services. Had a webinar on thier invoice services. Sell, sell, sell.

    They have been calling me for3 years and as recent as last week asking if I can take on more roof cleaning work and now nothing. Not making sense to me.

  3. So last night I changes hoses over on my 2 reels. The o-ring on on my qc fitting had came out and I didnt realize it. When I put air to the pump, ya, SH everywhere. Pulled the air and put a new o-ring in. When I put some water thru the pump, it would pulsate like hell (never did before) and slow to a crawl. Compressor was on maybe 5 minutes. On the job today and it did the same thing plus it stalled a few times. Disconnected the air quick disconnect and plugged back in. Ran ok except the pulsating which wasnt all the time. I did notice clicking in the pump when spraying which I didnt notice before but I may have not payed that much attention to it since it was new 3 years ago. Any thoughts?

    1/2" Yamada kynar NDP-15-FVT-ECO

    Very little moisture in air lines.


  4. I tried ball valves but I didnt particularly care for them. I usually do all my spraying off a ladder and I for one do not think it is safe to have to turn on and or turn off a ball valve when 2 stories high on a ladder. After spraying, ladders are slick and would rather have at least one hand on the ladder, unless harnessed. I use the bandit gun from Pressure Tek and it works great for me.

  5. I looked at an asphalt roof covering a horse barn. Grey shingles and they are quite black with GM. May need 2 coats. I am a little leary of using chlorine near horses. The roof is only about 40' long and I could set up temporary gutters and drain away from thier stomping grounds. I could dose the area with an ascorbic acid/water wash but like I read on another post, the salt is still there.

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  6. I have a large slate roof on a church to estimate soon for the springtime. It has copper ridges that has a beautiful patina. Is there any way to sel the patina to keep it looking that way? Maybe a dull polyurathane or something I can brush on. Thanks.

  7. I watched an online review of the Phantom 3 and it was amazing. It had built in gps that allowed the operator to push the copter in any direction while it was hovering and it went back to its original position to where it was before he pushed it. Obviously very stable in medium - high winds. Im not getting one of these (wish I was) but more of a beginners model with video.

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