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  1. There are a TON of roofing companies around here. Seems like everyone and their brother is a roofer.
  2. Chris, the hose I mentioned is sold at our local hardware store its not online. I will take a pic of it monday and post it
  3. Ya Ted I checked out Tank depot and the shipping was about 373 bucks. I think Tractor supply is my best bet
  4. What do you think about PVC and rubber Chris. I can get 3/4 inch hose for about the same price
  5. This looks like an awesome hose for working around SH with Titanium ends, fairly cheap too. http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/groundworkreg%3B-pro-series-100-ft-titanium-hose-ca-prop-65-compliant
  6. We do have 2 Tractor supply stores withing 10 miles. Ya Chris, shipping from distributors cost more than the tanks themselves. I think Tractor supply is the ticket.
  7. Yes Chris I plan on that and ski areas. Where would be the cheapest place to get poly tanks?
  8. Hi all, I just ordered my new pump setup from Pressure Tek 5850 Kuritec kit with accumulator and pump in a box. Great shipping cost. Getting excited, I spoke with local real estate offices and they are quite interested in my proposals. Gene
  9. Hello, Can someone tell me the difference between the FB 2 with bypass w/continuous operation and the FB 2 demand switch which operates only when flow is required, and which is better. Thank
  10. Great. It seems to be fairly cheap. I will try Cling-on and compare to Gain.
  11. Has anyone heard of or used "Cling-on" from Pressure Tek?
  12. Thanks Chris, it was Perkins Home Improvement. Im from Charlestown New Hampshire
  13. Hi everyone, I have renamed my roof cleaning company to "ReNew Roof & Exterior cleaning".
  14. Thanks guys, I've been reading alot and have probably read each post 3 or 4 times lol. Gene
  15. Hi Chris, I tried to sign into the other forum but that was a no go. I also tried to register on the old forum and was a no go also. How can I get on the other forum? Thanks Gene
  16. Hi Everyone, I just paid my membership dues and am on my way to building a successful roof cleaning business. Gene
  17. Hi Chris, sorry still no email. Try it again-gjperk@live.com. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. I am a strong safety advocate Peak. I used to work in timberframing so i have learned safety on high places.
  18. Hi Chris, we are from Charlestown New Hampshire. I never received a confirmation email from you the other day. Thanks Gene
  19. Hi Brian, I'm from Charlestown and as far as I know there is no one who cleans roofs north of North Walpole NH which is 6 miles south of me.
  20. Hello everyone. I have been researching roof cleaning for the last 6 months. My fiances mothers roof was cleaned by someone in my region (the only roof cleaner) in my New Hampshire region. I was wowed by the results and have been reading your forums ever since. I will be joining RCIA in the very near future to learn as much as I can, and planning on building my own rig in the early spring and be up and running in the late spring. With the amount of Black roofs (at least 75%) up here it would be foolish not to start a roof cleaning business. Thank you Gene
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