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  1. Chris, does this pump come with Viton diaphragms or would I need to order these separate?
  2. Here is a post I found and I think I will give it a try. HERE'S A MAGICAL WAY TO CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS!!! This is the best way EVER to clean your windows... No drying is needed, and you won't have any spots or streaks on your window! You can clean 2 big sliding glass doors and 8 large windows in minutes!!! Here are the ingredients you need to use: 1/2 gallon warm water 1 Tablespoon of liquid "Jet Dry" (Finish Rinse Aid) 2-3 Tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent or dish washing soap Mix all of the ingredients above. Spray your windows down with your hose to get them wet then wipe or brush on the solution onto your windows, then immediately hose it off. That’s all there is to it and you're done. The remaining water just sheets off and you don't need to dry it off! To use in a spray bottle for inside use. 2 cups of warm water. 2 teaspoons of "finish" rinse aid. 2 teaspoons dish washing liquid. Shake well and use. **To Save this, simply Share to your timeline**
  3. Peak, great advice. What I plan to do is use the versa pump to spray and rinse with both the Sh 65 gal and FW 35 gal tanks on a T. When rinsing at the end ( cuz there are hardly any gutters around here) switch over to FW and kill 2 birds with one stone. I bought the Kuri 5850 package so I have the yellow hose although its 1/2 inch. I will look into the X-hose pro. From what I understand with the X-hose is that when full of water and not spraying, they are at full length, when spraying they want to shrink up cuz thats what they do when pressure drops. Is that false?
  4. Chris, if you know of a better pump at a comparable price let me know please
  5. Well, for now Im going to go with the 1/2 inch hose I already bought from Pressure Tek. And will probably go with the Versa Matic E5PP6X669A-G 1/2" pump. I cant see spending buku bucks all without spraying one roof yet. I need to get my feet wet first and start earning some $ before I upgrade. I already have an elecric set up that I probably wont be able to sell.
  6. So if your saying that if I get the Versamatic 3/8 pump I will be fine with the 1/2 inch Kuri hose?
  7. I plan on changing the oil. Not sure yet which pump yet, havent heard of Lunar. I have 1/2 inch hose-200ft. I will def get regulator-air water separator and 3/4 or 1 inch draw tube
  8. Just picked up a Ridgid air compressor and we will be starting out with an air setup. Sooo----For Sale, Pressure Tek-5850-101E pump, set up as a pump in a box put together at Pressure Tek. Flo-Jet accumulator still in box. With all fittings that came with it. All still in the shipping box from Pressure-Tek. BEST offer.
  9. Thanks for the leads Peak. Yes I have been bitten by the air pump bug. I have a lot of experience with them as I spent 18 years in the commercial vinyl wall covering business (yes PVC and also POA=Polyolafin Alloy) We used the air pumps to circulate printing ink through the ink pans. I plan on buying one of those compressors from craigslist if they are good.
  10. Very true Chris. It would probably take weeks to get parts
  11. It is Apache Power Industrial. And they sell only 1 air compressor? http://www.apachepowerindustrial.com/category/air-compressor
  12. The guy has it on Craigslist for 350 buck and says it is brand new 0 hours still in crate. Seems a little hokey to me
  13. Has anyone ever had any experience with Apache air compressors/
  14. Is the Rustolium Deck paint the real thick chit you roll on or is it in a spray can?
  15. I look forward to seeing your pump post. Comparing the HF compressor to the Ridgid wheelbarrow compressor that alot of guys are using, they seem to have almost identical specs. 1 less cfm, 10 less psi output, 250 to 300 bucks less than Ridgid. Not too sure on the quality of the HF.
  16. Also will be buying another 65 gal tank for water. I have a ladder stand off and will be picking up a set of ladder levelers. I will post pics as I go.
  17. Ya Ive been thinking about the electric setup and the steep roofs around. http://www.harborfreight.com/212cc-9-gal-135-psi-gas-powered-wheelbarrow-air-compressor-69783.html thinking this compressor has too small storage. 9 gallon tank.Would this compressor handle a Versamatic air pump with 1/2 inch hose? Not worried about my truck, 2005 Tundra crew cab. Setup will be on a utility trailer 5x8.
  18. This seems like a good hose reel at a decent price. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Liberty-Garden-Products-200-ft-3-in-1-Hose-Reel-703/203584318 Not ready yet to go with the stainless $400 reel yet
  19. Tom, I picked up a 65 gal tank from Tractor Supply today and 200 ft of professional non kinking hose. I also sent you a messege.
  20. Peak, I am hoping to do most roofs off from a ladder or off the ground. There are taller houses around and a good quality ladder should suffice. I dont really want to get on any roof. I know that I may have to and in that case I will have safety equipment. Most houses up here dont have gutters and not much moss so I will have to rinse and going the electric way to start and what I have been reading I will have to rinse alot. Will a pump booster help with the higher peaks? Thanks for the advice
  21. On an average roof, say 1000 sq ft, how much mix should I expect to use?
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