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  1. I want to rinse from my pump. Up here there are a lot of wells and low pressure
  2. I was thinking of adding control the water level in my fresh water tank with having one helper on hand to spray vegetation. Installing a Cistern float valve in my FW 35 gal tank because it is small and dont want to run out of water. I think it would be fairly easy to install a home made bracket on the tank lid flange to drop in when in use. Attach a hose from the home owners spigot, start with a full tank and end with a full tank.
  3. I will Kevin. I have used it on clothing and it does wear away after a little while, shoes also. So we'll see how long it lasts
  4. I wanted to start out with a hose reel so I bought a cheap one from home creepo. Im going to change out the galvanized T (which is 1/2 npt x 3 with a 316 stainless T. The swivel is brass which it will do for now because I will be rinsing with the Yamada. Once I have a few roofs under my belt, a better one will be ordered. I'd like to see what you have up your sleeve Kevin. Im going to try and paint the powdercoat and coat with Rustoleum Neverwet, We'll see how it holds up to SH.
  5. Is that a Reelcraft hose reel? How is it holding up for you?
  6. I was thinking of using medium duty springs above and below the feet. I thought otherwise after feeling how stiff the 1" braided hose was. I don't want TOO much movement with the pump and break the fittings. So I will just go with grommets.
  7. Its all in my head Brian. I already know what I want to do next because it's what I wanted to do in the 1st place. I just have to see what kind of demand is up here. I will run what I have for now. I like the trailer but I want one with duel axles with breaks, the funds just werent there at the start. Mistakes are ok as long as I dont make the same mistakes twice. Lots of hills here. Got a pretty decent price on SH for up here, 2.25 a gal. Not alot of pools and towns are spread out and not every town has town sewer. Lots of septic tanks and not many water treatment plants. I need to change my pump setup whereas I want to put rubber cushions on the top and bottom of the mounting feet. I read a post where Chris said Kynar is strong, but brittle. I dont want to break the feet and have to strap it down. I work at a plastic molding plant on the weekends and we dont use kynar but we do use glass filled polycarbonate. Its very strong and probably very similar to kynar and it can break. I just want to be careful with the pump on the trailer. Thanks Brian .
  8. Thanks for sharing Mr Clean. In reverse: I'm thinking of getting a universal truck rack and mounting it on the trailer racks, just need to make sure it will be tall enough for ladders to clear the truck tailgate and to coil the hose on it if I dont use a reel. The space where the hose is was designed to utilize a hose reel. The wood deck is coated with Rust-oleum Deck Restore. Im not sure how well it will hold up, I guess I will find out. I want simplicity, I think the ball valves will work well. They are right next to each other and easy to turn and not mix up which is which. I dont really want to deal with a drop stick and get SH all over the place especially if Im rushing around. I plan on getting a transfer pump but not really sure which direction I will go with a setup when I transfer chems. I'm just starting out and I dont expect to clean many roofs in the beginning.. If I do then things can change rather quickly, depending on funds. The trailer is already too small and I havent used it yet although I can carry things in my truck. Thanks for the input.
  9. Thanks, I think it will work just fine. Need to get a backup pump though.
  10. Here are a few pics of my 1st build folks. It isnt done yet as you can see but I'm having a ton of fun building it. The inlet tubes are 1" so I can upgrade easily in the future from 1/2" kuri hose to 5/8 or 3/4" hose.
  11. I'm just about done with my 1st build I'm just waiting on a few things to arrive I will have a few pics tomorrow.
  12. Yes it was Chris, I couldnt pass it up. Lets hope it works, lol
  13. I did see how Gary carries their hoses. I just have a small trailer (too small) and dont have the racking at the present time. I will probably pick up one of those Liberty model #703 reels, it should last at least 6 months.
  14. I just received my 4 X-Hose Pro's. I thought, cool finally. I opened the package and noticed the ball valves are 3/8". even though they say these hoses are 3/4" that must restrict flow by quite a bit. I'll give it a try but they might be going back.
  15. Yeah I thought so. Its hard to find a decent reel without breaking the bank.
  16. After reading through the posts, I am seeing that aluminum doesnt fair very well. I was thinking of going with an aluminum hose reel by Eley
  17. Very true Kevin. I am still in the middle of building my trailer. Between the kids and the dogs and working a 3 day night shift on the weekends, it's slow going for now. Hopefully if all goes well I will have my rig completed next week. When completed I will spray my roof, my mothers siding and another roof just to get used to spraying and find my technique.
  18. I thought it was pretty lame myself. I scoured the internet the last few days and I cant find anything related to parts for these compressors. The only thing they will sell as far as the compressor is a new top end at $250. I do have a Rigid Kevin but I can get an exceptional deal on a used Apache if I can come up with gaskets. I can always try and manufacture them myself or find an exact match from another manufacturer.
  19. I called them yesterday Chris, they said Apache doesnt sell any serviceable parts. It doesnt make sense to me. The "PARTS GUY" At Apache said to search online.
  20. Wondering if anyone knows where to get compressor side-head gaskets for an Apache compressor.
  21. It definitely was a good price and knew I had to jump on it. I had a Versamatic 1/2" on order, saw the Yamada on Ebay and canceled the Versamatic. I knew I couldnt go wrong with the Kynar pump.
  22. I plan on getting another 65 gal tank for rinsing and adding to the mix while carrying a 30 gal drum of SH on the truck. X-hoses (pro) are en route. Just recieved my Yamada 1/2" pump today (was only $290 off ebay) Kynar with Teflon diaphragms. Will be getting a T-valve to avoid mixups. My trailer is kind of small 5x8 and will be on the tight side fitting everything in with 2 65 gal tanks and a wheelbarrow compressor, pump and hoses-hose reel. Its rated for 1650 lbs so it should be ok there. Shouldn't be over 1350 lbs loaded.
  23. Just picked up this pump on ebay, new still in box.http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161270075953 Still one left.
  24. Purchased 2-50' x-hose pro's with 2 free total of 200' good deal.
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