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  1. For both my roofs I used 1-44oz bottle of Gain in 50 gallons of mix, used 20 gallons. It stuck quite well, took a while to rinse though.
  2. What would be the best chemical to remove pellet stove soot on the home exterior?
  3. Thats what I said when it ran longer than 20 seconds "SWEET" lol. The compressor is used and I dont really know jack about it but getting familiar Yes I will change the oils this weekend. I dont have anything going yet as far as customers but will be placing ads very soon. I will post some pics of our house and garage soon. before during after before after These pics are from our house and garage. It was good practice. Now I know I need to leave the mix on just a little longer-another 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Compressor ran fine after adding oil then proceeded to clean our house roof and garage roof. Both came out great although both roofs will need to be replaced within a couple years.
  5. Chris, you are awesome! that was the problem, oil just a little low.
  6. I will check the oil in the morning. Im wondering if the trailer was on an incline, this would trip the switch? and where is the switch located, something I could replace?
  7. After being a week late with my first roof clean, had everything ready and started the compressor........then it died after running about 20 seconds. Has gas but not sure if it is getting a good flow of gas. I drained the tank, there was some crap in the tank but the filter is i the tank and there are no obstructions. Gets fuel to the carb bowl. After letting it sit for a minute it starts right up but again dies after about 20 seconds. Does anyone have any ideas of whats going on? The compressor is a Rigid wheelbarrow type with a Honda GX 160 engine.
  8. Thanks Kevin. I didnt realize Plastidip came in spray cans, I will definitely find some and coat the lines for protection. The trailer will be in the garage when not in use. I will consider the Cam locks probably next year My plans are to rinse the Mix tank with fresh water when empty (if that ever happens) The clear feed line is from PT and I will keep a close eye on it. I have more and it is fairly cheap. I can gauge how long it takes to degrade and replace accordingly, a little preventative maintenance. I should also consider moving my air drier closer to the pump-farther away from the compressor. I do like the schedule 80 ball valves (flat on the bottom) kind. I can mount the PVC draw tubes basically on the floor. I offset the draw tubes so I could walk up the middle to avoid stepping on them. The trailer is small (too small) and not much maneuverability so I have to be careful.
  9. I bought Original Gain lemon scented. I will be trying it Monday on my roof
  10. I found some of that Pinalen Chris was talking about. Smells like Pinesol pretty strong stuff. 28oz bottle for $1.50 at Big Lots
  11. I found some of that Pinalen for 1.50 per 28 oz. Smells like Pinesol lol
  12. I can't read the 0 (I'm guessing that's what it is) size but the other 3 are 1530-2530 & 4030 size
  13. Well I used it for the 1st time yesterday, I think its all a matter of learning how to use it. I do like the 15-25 & 45 nozzles. I would like more flow but Im only going to get just so much flow with the 1/2" pump and hose. The link is http://www.masterindustriesllc.com/index.html
  14. To answer your question Stay Clean, Yamada said it is normal for a small amount of air to seep at dead head. I didnt hear anything on mine but then again the compressor was running.
  15. Its only a 35 gallon tank, I dont want to run out of water while rinsing.
  16. Ha Ha ok, ya its blowin exaust all over the place - Im using Kuritec 1/2" hose 100ft section,I have another 100ft with the Pressure Tek Jrod 4 way nozzle and the 0 tip
  17. My first running test of my new rig was very successful. Started at 20 psi checking for leaks, none. Ran the pump up to 90 psi all good, no leaks and the Yamada runs great Our house is 2 1/2 stories and I could hit the peak and chimney from the ground. Shooting straight just above level I could reach 50ft. The compressor didn't labor at all and pumped about 10-15 gallons of water. I'm using Pressure Techs 4 banger nozzle, not sure if I like it and will be purchasing the stainless nozzle that Gary posted a link for. I will be cleaning my house & garage roof next week to get used to spraying. I am very happy with my set up with all of the help I have gotten from all of you. Thanks everyone for all the input. Gene
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