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  1. Here are the before and after of the sooted wall we cleaned today.
  2. I just secured a 2 story 2700 sq ft home with foyer and 2 bay garage plus 2 trex decks, no gutters but dirt driveway. Big beautiful house with awesome views. ....AWESOME!!
  3. The location for this job is a local Auto graphics business, he pretty much does all vehicles in the area so it will be an even trade, cleaning for graphics. There is any algae on the siding or soffits (all vinyl) Just on the cement foundation. I sprayed a patch on the cement algae to show him what it does. So I will spray the foundation after I clean his wall and his buddy will powerwash the foundation afterwards so he can paint it. A powerwasher will be my next big purchace. I was also thinking of using swiffer pads on a pole to wipe down the vinyl. Im sure I will have to wipe everything down with paper towels also.
  4. So I did a couple of test patches on this wall. I tried the Grez-off and the soot came off well with a little scrubbing with paper towels. It immediately loosened the soot and started to drip off. I also tried the 50/50 SH mix and that worked well also. I think I will go with the Grez-off because it says its biodegradable. There are soffits to clean and I don't want SH dripping on me. This job will provide company lettering for my truck.
  5. Im sure I will. I can shoot this thing over the house from the ground at 2 1/2 stories. My other garden nozzle just barely reaches the gutter.
  6. Just tried my new Master nozzle on our house water hose. Damn this thing is awesome!!
  7. I found some Spray Nine Grez-off heavy duty degreaser. I will give that a shot as well as a 50/50 mix of SH and water
  8. According to my agent Sarah Parker of Joseph Walters, I am covered from the roof top down to the grass. I will stick with them.
  9. I am trying to understand why this type of service is in the Carpet cleaning category with the insurance company.
  10. I am looking to find the best way to clean pellet stove soot. I posted over on PWI and one guy said to use a 50/50 mix of SH and a surfactant. Any suggestions here?
  11. These two pics are of the garage roof. All of the dark areas were the heavy moss and came off easily. The moss under the shingle edge I left for mother nature to take care of.
  12. When I rinsed my garage roof it took about an hour. When I sprayed the SH it took maybe 15-20 minutes. There was a lot of moss on the roof but blew most of it off with a back pack leaf blower. I couldnt get the moss on the bottom edges of the shingles, it was pretty firmly attached. Immediately turned white and most came off while rinsing. Didnt kill a damn thing below either roof.
  13. I tried to make it right side up but the damn pic doesnt want to cooperate
  14. Licensing for this type of work isnt required in New Hampshire, but I am registered with the state as an LLC business. I should also have my Vermont certificate soon. I do have the "Care, Custody and Control" coverage.
  15. Im happy to say that I obtained full coverage insurace by Joseph D Walters. Sarah Parker was great to deal with and they offer very competitive rates.
  16. It was low on oil Jim. Honda has this safety feature that shuts the motor off to keep it from being damaged when the oil is low
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