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  1. The HO of the slate roof I did Saturday used it a couple years ago on the garage roof and it didn't work for them either
  2. I was looking at Spray & Forget to see what the ingredients are. None of the MSDS' say whats in it other than the roof cleaner which only gave "Proprietary blends of Cationic and surfactants with Isophropyl alcohol. This is a roof cleaning comarison chart from Spray & Forget. I see a few things wrong with this chart.RoofCleanerComparisonChart.pdf
  3. Two 4x6 transparent. I dont have room on the truck for 12x18.
  4. If I re-plumb and move my 1" liquid tubing lines I might be able to fit one in. Next season if things go well, (which I am hopeful) I will building a larger trailer set up with a larger compressor and pump and tanks. I have a slate roof to clean this weekend and after that I will be replacing my 35 gal tank with another 60 gal tank.
  5. Thanks Kevin, I think I will get more attention with the web site and what we remove added to it. The dogs are great.
  6. Its going to take time up in these neck of the woods. No one knows about this service. Im going to have our local newspaper do a front page article of my company so people will then know what its about.
  7. Thank you, I will be adding web site and BLACK STREAK ALGAE & MOSS REMOVAL
  8. I set up an account with WordPress this past weekend and will be working on my web site in the near future. Im definitely not opposed to change, change is good.
  9. Yes Chris, I got a rigid wheelbarrow compressor 5 HP. I believe the same as one of yours, at least what I can see in your pics.
  10. I originally was going to go with an electric pump but went with a a yamada aodd 1/2 inch pump. I haven't changed anything after finishing the rig. Everything works great for now.
  11. What I think I need to do is to look at others web sites and gain ideas from that. Then I can fix mine
  12. Ya, I know my web site needs a lot of work and I plan on working on that. I hear different things from different people as always. Some say WordPress is great and some say WordPress sucks, don't waste ur time.. What's a guy to do?
  13. I built my web site today and its live now. Its not the greatest but it should work. I have to spend a little $ for SEO though www.streakyroof.com
  14. Can GM-moss & lichen be a contributor to accelerated shingle aging. I see a lot of roof shingles curled or starting to curl more predominately on the north side than the south side or other sides depending on the orientation of the house.If this is true, it could be a very good argument for HO's to get their roof cleaned. Any thoughts on this?
  15. What are these combinations of Butyl and SH used for? Should we not use degreasers on a petroleum based shingle?
  16. I've been looking around at different cleaners/degreasers and have found some with these ingredients and some that also include Lauramine Oxide.
  17. Thanks Chris, a lot of people like the truck and have had a few potential customers ask for information
  18. http://www.spraynine.com/media/products/literature/PX-0352C.Grezoff_SS_.pdf http://www.spraynine.com/media/products/msds/22732.pdf
  19. Chris, I used a product called Grez-off made by Spray Nine. We applied it with a spray bottle and scrubbed with paint pads. This was vinyl siding and the paint pads with all those little hairs got down into the low spots really well. After scrubbing, hosed off with water.
  20. This roof had lots of GM and moss. Great views here with no trees around the house
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