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  1. I used Slo Mo for the 1st time today and this stuff is Awesome, I love it! I used 4oz in 60 gallons. I pre mixed in a half gallon of cold water. I will definitely never go back to Gain.
  2. I read some reviews on them and there were quite a few negative ones. They say they are expensive and didnt get results. Being based in Florida, I would have thought there would have been more roof/exterior cleaners that had interactions with them.
  3. Hey all, Has anyone ever used Welcome Wagon for advertising? They are based out of Coral Springs Florida. www.welcomewagon.com
  4. I bypass the pump. I placed a T on both sides of the pump and connected a hose on each side. Of course you have your inlet and outlet hose. Inlet must be noncollapsable. Here is a pic of mine. Crude setup but it works.
  5. You can use Flexzilla hose with a water booster if you add a bypass to your water booster. So when you arent spraying, the water just runs in circles. The bypass eliminates too much pressure build up when the pump is running. Ive used a bypass for 3 years on the same Flexzilla hose.
  6. Typically no surfactant on slate roofs. I use a 40% mix on steep slate roofs. They come out great like this church roof I cleaned last fall. Clients were wowed!!
  7. Lichen is rampant up here in Charlestown New Hampshire. Small immature lichen growths can be removed easily with little to no damabe to asphalt shingles with a high volume rinse.
  8. I tried the expanding hose route and they all failed quickly. One thing about the flex hoses is the connector ends (swivels) have a very small throat, like 3/8". Not very good flow.
  9. Ive been using Flexzilla for 3 years, same hose. Works awesome. Its lightweight and tough. Love it.
  10. Im wondering if anyone uses plastic (pvdf) nozzles on their roof cleaning set up? Im getting tired of my typical jrod setup (stainless) rusting. I am looking into the the plastic nozzles, they are cheap and made out of Kynar. I do have a Master nozzle but I use that for rinsing. Any input would be appreciated
  11. I had to use a lift on this roof. Being 130+ years old and the interior was refurbished about 10 years ago, I didnt want to risk spraying and rinsing up the roof, never want to do that anyways. Plus it made it so much easier and faster. Cleaned whole roof including steeple, garage and north side of the rectory in less than 3 days. The hardest part was putting down 2x10s for the lift wheels so we didnt ruin the grass. The lift oes pretty good around tight corners but there does nee to be some space for the lift to swing around the corner.
  12. The lift was a rental. I wished I owned one. I was thinking of a bucket truck at some point.
  13. Yes, Slate cleans up really nice. I used about 30 gallons of mix @40% on this side of the roof (north side) and used no surfactant. I probably could have used less mix if I added surfactant but the slate here is over 130 years old. IMG_2856.CR2 IMG_2895.CR2 IMG_2903.CR2 And Chris, the patina'd copper ridge cap wasn't affected, still green. Client is Super Super happy, Said it was a miracle.
  14. I tried some Oxalic acid mixed 10oz dry to 1 gallon of hot water. Didnt seem to work very well. It did pull up some of the creosote buy I may have mixed it too weak.
  15. I havent tried oxalic acid, I should. It took 3 coats with f9 at 1:1 but as I said it was real heavy deposits of mostly creosote which has built up for about 15 years. F9 isnt really too expensive compared to other chemicals. The expensive part for me is the shipping costs. Never using oxalic Im not sure what the costs are or how it compares to f9. Yes Ted I will suggest to my client to paint the metal stack. Its galvanized steel, could be aluminum its polished and only about 24" tall. Single story ranch. So my main concern now is the discolored aluminum. I could clean with an aluminum polish and use a metal etching chemical to help make it look closer to the rest of the oxidized snow shield or just clean it up and tell them it will oxidize over time.
  16. F9 works as advertised. Its an awesome product. I will post pics after I clean up the aluminum snow shield.
  17. Need some help here. I was cleaning rust and creosote off from asphalt shingles on sunday using Barc f9 at 1:1 . Very heavy deposits. My problem is, the f9 left the aluminum snow shield with dark streaks. The aluminum was oxidized but now just looks like crap. I asked Craig from f9 and he suggested Mothers aluminum polish with a soft polish ball. Im sure it would work but I dont want a shiny polished look. My client didnt really seem too concerned with it but I just wont leave it like that. Im looking for a spray on rinse off cleaner. Looked at Bar Keepers Friend. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. I use ladder levelers on my ladders. Helps a lot with uneven ground. Fairly cheap too. Added peice of mind.
  19. I use the 6" clear poly tubing, 1500' I bought from Uline and attach with zip ties. Love it. Just over $100. And you can reuse them.
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