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  1. You didn't fail Barry, we're just excepting the challenge while we can afford the chits an giggles. We still plan on being more time efficient as opposed to being cost effective per your advice last night and we are 100% tracking everything, and there were no communication errors. Wish us luck Barry ;-)
  2. Barry was a huge help, and a wealth of knowledge on the importance of SEO, and Networking. I plan on implementing much of his knowledge to my website, and id suggest anyone who would like to further their business, to talk to Barry about his SEO strategies. On the note of Calicum Hypochlorite, my partner and i have decided to give it one try in an experimental phase, and in this attempt we are going to decrease the amount of Calcium and inert PPM biproduct, by letting the mix settle and floating our inlet hose at the top of the tank. Since the Chlorine gas will rise to the top of the solution leaving the heavier more dense particles at the bottom of the tank, we are thinking that this may fix the white residue hazing, that is caused by excessive PPM. I will post a detailed narrative on the solution ratio and pictures if we succeed. Hopefully we can help. Wish us luck, and thank you for the commendations!
  3. And now that i see you are a Veteran owned company, maybe you can take notice that my username is OEF as in Operation Enduring Freedom 2010, TF Spartan, AO Spartan.
  4. I thought i may get that response, would you care to elaborate on that before i go and destroy someones home...I'd sure appreciate it.
  5. Well i don't mind walking on roofs, it was more of a "that would be nice" type scenario. Hank, I'm from Ocala Florida, the company is based out of Georgia though, and we just started.
  6. So essentially the softwash process is achieved through a process of oxidation and microbial breakdown...So does it matter whether the oxidation process is achieved through a solution of SH,Cl, or Calcium Hypochlorite. Calcium Hypochlorite having a higher available level of chlorine seems to be the most efficient base component in a softwash solution (if diluted correctly) and especially in a High Test Hypochlorite form (like that of pool shock products). All of these products will be rendered inert when exposed to harsh temperatures so there is no extended cleaning life, however, they will leave behind there sodium chloride (salt) base compound, and with the Calcium Hypochlorite having larger amounts of available chlorine it will in turn have higher levels of salt biproduct. Other then a little more time spent on a rinse down of the Calcium Hypochlorite to avoid rain runoff concentrations killing plants, i am failing to figure out why this is not the base component for a softwash dilution, when it is stronger and can be diluted down to safe levels for vinyl and paint, it is more cost effective, and it is more resistant to temperature and UV eposure. HTH or High Test Hypochlorite typically has 65-70% available Chlorine Generic Calcium Hypochlorite contains approx 25-30% available Chlorine http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/hygiene/emergencies/fs2_19.pdf
  7. I am seeing seals of approval on some of your websites...Is there an approving authority that regulates and administers Roof Cleaning or is it essentially certifying yourself with an established Company, such as Apple. and speaking directly to the Administrator, what is your name so i can address you properly in these post's?
  8. Now what i really would like is an application method that made ladder work obsolete.
  9. Done. I thought it might be a little to good to be true.
  10. I currently have a 3000 psi 4 gpm pressure washer not being used on my rig and im curious if an x jet nozzle would suffice as soft wash applicator. I was thinking that with the use of a high concentrate of SH, TSP and Gain in a portable tank, with dilution rates at approx 8 to 1 and a #40 orifice. On Another note, i did contact Bob at Pressure tech today and i'm probably going to order the 5800 1/2" kit, the fat boy im thinking will have to many gpm for all the roofs out here that do not have gutters. I Have been listening to the general consensus however, and after this 12v pump bites the dust we plan on getting a proper air powered pump. Website coming soon, i look forward to picking everyone's brains about more innovative ways to making the softwash process even more expeditious then it already is! Thanks, RBPressureWash.
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