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  1. What is the secrete to cleaning Cedar Shake Shingles with out using any pressure ?
  2. Just tried Gain this weekend and it took almost all the smell away
  3. SRC, Nice way to inform the public. There are a lot of home remedies for cleaning your roof from hardware stores, Home depot, etc. People think that they can buy 10 gallons of cleaner and dilute with water and clean a roof. Many people want to give this a try to save a few dollars . As we know this may mask the streaks, but they are sure to return. I have cleaned roofs 4 years ago that are still clean. I see 0% savings and 100 % danger and risk by the home owner.
  4. Chris, today when I picked up some SH I spoke to the owner of the chemical co. that I deal with. I asked him if they sold TSP. They told me that they did not but that they would order 50 lb bags if I needed them to. He then told me that I needed smaller amounts that I should use Spic and Span. Said that Spic and Span developed TSP and that Spic and Span is TSP. Do you know this is true ? While talking to him about what I do with the SH he had suggested using industrial liquid laundry detergent that was Sh compatible. What is your opinion of this ?
  5. That is a great video ! Chris your are so right about this subject. Why do others insist on changing the process that you have painstakingly proved to be the best way to clean ?
  6. While on he subject , If I were to check the PH of my mix could I determine if my SH was not up to 12.5 ? If thats the case would I be able to change my % of SH to compensate for my mix or would I be better off to add another chemical to bring up my ph ?
  7. Chris, on a 40 gallon mix what would be your recommended TSP ratio and do you have any suggestions where I could bulk purchase TSP and Gain ?
  8. The cleaning skid looks very clean and well designed. It looks very useful and easy to operate. It also looks very professional, nice job.
  9. Chris,I have been cleaning roofs about 3 years thanks to RCIA and am trying to find the right combo for my solution. I first started with SH, alcohol , dawn soap, TSP , and water at a 40% mix. This combination worked great. As I got more involved in the RCIA threads roof cleaners were cautioning away from alcohol and TSP. I then changed my mix to SH, Dawn , ammonyx lo , and green apple masking smell. The results were not as good. This past year I started using Fresh Wash , SH at a 40 to 45% mix with better results.The thing that I noticed was that my solution did not suds up much. As I have read since I started back to RCIA it seams that Gain has been working great as a surfactant. Except where where etching of glass must be cautioned, do you see any problems with going back to TSP ?
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions on the proper way to clean synthetic slate roofs. The owner of the house that wants his roof cleaned does not have any information on the manufacture or brand. I was in touch with a manufacture of a similar type of shingle and they recommended power washing with a soap solution.
  11. That Google map measurement guide is the best. It makes my roof measurements simple and quick. I am trying to bid a private community that has many similar and dissimulator roofs. I do know the pitches but not the dimensions. Just tried it and it works great !!! Thank you for the info.
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