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I am passionate about helping my customers/family save money.  I enjoy educating you on all the equipment available as well as maintenance methods and chemicals.  I owe my knowledge to Chris Tucker, the RCIA and all of you.  I am always open to feedback on products and appreciate the communication.  I am grateful for my RCIA affiliation and strongly believe it is my responsibility to ensure you have optimal, headache-free equipment and products and the knowledge and confidence to maintain and service your own equipment. 

Pressure Washer Products is family owned company located in Clearwater, Florida and opened their doors in 1995.  Rex was already working in the business for many years when he began his own business with his wife, Diane.  Over the years, Rex attended nearly every pump school available to him.  He's handled and repaired just about every single low and high pressure pump, including every single air diaphragm pump manufactured.  Many years ago, customers began referring to him as 'The Pump Guru', for his ability to assist customers into magically repairing their pumps over the phone.  He is a little reticent about the epithet but truly enjoys educating pump owners about how to repair their high or low pressure pumps, including air diaphragm pumps.  He is a stickler in using the proper identifying nomenclature when teaching his students about pumps.  


Diane manages the office, takes calls and expeditiously handles many of the orders.  Lori assists with softwash and pressure wash equipment orders and information.


PWP continues to assemble rigs with the very best low and high pressure washer and water reclamation equipment and materials they can find.  PWP always builds rigs keeping in mind that the equipment should be balanced, equipment should breathe and exhaust out correctly, equipment should be easily accessible on the job site and during transport and easy to maintain.  PWP has assembled many thousands of custom truck and trailer rigs over the years that continue to produce work for their owners for many years after the expected lifetimes.  Rex's custom truck and trailer rigs can be found in EVERY CONTINENT on this GLOBE and in EVERY STATE in the USA.  


Rex can completely metamorphose a delivery of metal and low and high pressure products into an incredible, custom truck/trailer rig unlike any other designed to out-perform all other rigs in its class.  If you are looking for aluminum or stainless steel, no problem.  You should consider the fight against Sodium Hypochlorite.  The first chip on a powder coated steel anything on a rig exposed to SH is a losing battle.


PWP has a combined record of close to a century of experience in these  related industries and is confident and very proud of their level of expertise in the fields of air diaphragm pumps, high and low pressure pump systems, Softwash Systems, pressure washers repairs, water reclamation systems, hot water heaters, chemicals, small engine repair and surface cleaners.  PWP's finished products are exceptional fabrications unlike anything on the market advertised as turn key.  No two rigs are ever the same.  Your rig will be the envy of your competition.  


If you need a 1", 1/2", or 3/8" Air Diaphragm System Set-up or a Pressure Washing Rig of any GPM to complement your Softwash System or even if you need a Water-Based or VOC-Based Paver Sealer Set-up with Hannay reels or Titan reels using a Closed system or whatever you need, PWP does it ALL to your specifications!!


PWP crimps all high and low pressure hose ends in house and does not use hose clamps!  You will not have to deal with rust in the future if you think ahead right now.  PWP is an All-Flo dealer, Hannay, Titan, Pressure-Pro, Alkota, AaLadin, General Pump, Cat Pump..... and the list is endless.... 



PWP Ships All Over the World

If you don't see it, let PWP build it.

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