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  1. Air Diaphragm pumps just last and last. All-Flo offers a 5 year warranty. 12 volt pumps offer relatively no warranty. Air systems use less than half the chemical compared to 12 volt, shoot farther, allow you to transfer chem with the same pump, allow you do perform more jobs in a day, can run all day and night without depending on a battery charge and are designed for use with softwash chems. It’s a no brainer!
  2. I wouldn’t ever guide you down the path of a gas powered pump like a John Blue, Hypro, Udor or Comet. They haven’t come up with one that can withstand SH. Chris is right. The 5/8” hose is the best choice for distance to get the most out of the 17 gpm All-Flo. Using a 1/2” hose, although lighter in weight, will shoot less distance and slow you down. Most guys use 200’ unless you know you require more hose. Remember that it’s best practice to pull out all the hose every time.
  3. We are incredibly excited to be part of the team! Don and Julio are outstanding gentlemen whom are very patient. They continue to self-educate and improve the sense professionalism and accountability in these related industries. We’re excited to see another facet of this industry boosted to another level like Chris Tucker has fought to do over the decades.
  4. Welcome to the best possible place to be for softwashing information, Zach!! Should you need pure info, let me know....
  5. This is the only one I recommend spending money on a membership. Chris is The Godfather of Softwashing and continues to self educate. He is incredibly intelligent. He will cut through the B.S. to save you tens of thousands of dollars on equipment and franchise promises of grandiose dreams. Chris Tucker educated me: He continues to keep me in check. He spent countless hours with me on the phone. He was extremely patient. Everyone on the RCIA has always been extremely helpful in providing feedback to allow us to provide the best possible products for you.
  6. Welcome home, Jesse! Should you need any help with equipment, I’m happy to help you figure things out.
  7. You are very kind!! I’m happy to help you anytime. Make sure you mention the RCIA.....I’m loyal to my peeps over here as they’ve ALWAYS been great to us!! We are more concerned with providing a lot of education, allowing you to make an informed decision on your equipment no matter where you choose to purchase!
  8. Jesse, Welcome home!! You can’t find a better place to find unbiased help than right here in this forum. Everyone is here to help!
  9. Smart person!!! Customer told me recently that his customers buy his equipment!!! Love that!! Exactly what you are saying!!! Smart!!
  10. Well..... How much does shipping really cost on 4-6 BUCKETS of snot, clingon, Hang Tite, Green Wash or anything else? $100 for 4 on the very low side, $135 for 4 on the higher side, $150 for 6 and $210 for 6 buckets! That adds a whole lot to your bottom line. The more you pay for your chem, the less that goes in your pocket. A single bucket of this dense surfactant that takes the place of 4-6 buckets costs anywhere from $20-45 to ship in the US. We don’t pad shipping and put it in a box to save a $6 you handling fee. We are going to send out new buckets with handles on the bottoms shortly. Soooo, when you look at the cost of shipping a single bucket over shipping out 4-6 buckets, I think the savings speaks for itself!
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