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  1. Yeah, they wouldnt take it back. I put it on ebay and craigslist. That 3/8 stuff was 250' Prior to that I was using 200' of 5/8 garden hose but it breaks down fast and kinks so much it drives me nuts.
  2. Live and learn! Ya think they'll exchange it for 5/8? Only used it for one job. Thanks for the advice. I am so glad I found this Forum.
  3. Hi Y'all. I am new to this forum but have been soft washing for about a year now. I Have a very simple system but it is time consuming. I found a 70 gal tank with a 3.4 gal a min pump on craigslist for $70. I hooked it up with some plumbing parts from home depot and used a 200' garden hose and made my own sprayer from pvc pipe and a ball valve. I recently bought 250' of 3/8 chemical hose because the garden hose finally failed. I think I should have bought 1/2" hose because now my pump cycles very rapidly. I am rinsing out of a 5gal bucket that I have to fill up 2 or 3 times. I would like to upgrade with hose reels, a three way ball valve for switching from SH to water for rinsing, but I am barely scraping by in this business as it is and all that stuff is very expensive. I would like to learn more about setting up a system that is very simple yet very user friendly and cheap! I am in the west palm beach FL area and it's very competitive. Any advice?
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