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  1. Well 3 months and two fat boys later... I need a new pump Fu#! Rinsed as usual too. Dont understand it my flojet went went two years. Time to move away from 12v maybe?
  2. I have one worked well the couple times I used it but the wand end broke off just by screwing the tip onto it. kind of cheap feeling like a bad harbor freight tool. Waiting to hear if it will be replaced.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm interested in what folks charge kind of regionally. Im In Florida but going back north soon. This guy was quoted 500.00 and... that was for the roof,driveway and sidewalk in front of his home. i did the roof for 800.
  4. Curious what guys would charge for similar(this) home. aporox 2500 sq ft. I know everywhere and every situation is different but just for the hell of it what would you charge in your area. Gutters most of the way around. thanks
  5. I just did it this way with a battery disconnect switch,seems fine. Thanks for all the input! Still don't get the other one but oh well.
  6. I connected it all like that but still the same. Obviously I'm missing something but... I replaced the switch just in case. No change.
  7. Here's a better photo. The extra wire was from the old Flojet ,don't think it serves any purpose with this pump that I know of. Dont understand why pump will work but switch doesn't.
  8. Wiring for dummy..... Apparently I'm m not connecting something correctly. The switch doesn't function but will trip and pump continues to run. The Flojet was a bit different than this FB I hooked up battery leads to switch positive from pump to switch Negative from pump to switch. whats the obvious thing I'm missing? Quit laughing!
  9. Thank you, that's what I was thinking but needed reinforcement. Appreciate the help!
  10. Any suggestions on a replacement pump for this 12V 7.0GPM FLOJET PENTAFLEX? These are pricey and not easy or fast to get ahold of. If at all.
  11. The horns are setup with the M60s and the 801s are powered by the Musical fidelity KW550. Two completely different animals. Terry Dewick went through the 60s a couple years ago for me. I have a Klipsch fetish I think, Belles, Khorns, Hereseys,and RF 7s. Probably sell the 801s soon. Just sold a set of Tannoy 15 reds, actually traded for a truck! Have bought and sold more than I'd ever want my wife to know about. Think I'm done for a bit The guy who made the curly maple plinth for me is in Washington state, it was made from logs pulled from the Columbia river. Woodsong audio is his biz name. I like this mine audio forum!
  12. I know what you mean about seeing these days Chris, I'm going to give it a shot and see how it goes. Here's a pic of some of my equipment. American Pro Tech I know what you mean about time to listen! This adult stuff is killing me! (1954 Mcintosh MC 60s, Mcintosh MX110Z, 1970 K horns, 1950 Garrard 301 in custom maple plinth with dual t arms and bronze and ceramic mods, musical fidelity KW 550 and abbey road monitors etc... ) It's a sickness I know.
  13. I'm wondering how many of you guys out there use texting as a means of contact for your potential customers? Do you promote that on your vehicles and websites? If so how has it worked for you and if not I'd like to hear those reasons as well.
  14. I spoke with Laura at Greencastle yesterday. Will be working with her very soon.. Thanks for the input.
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