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  1. Thanks Gary I'll get signed up later today and let you know once this is done. Kind Regards Jonathan
  2. Hello all, my name is Jonathan Ward for Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I I'm the owner of Yorkshire Driveway Cleaning and looking at adding a roof cleaning service to my setup. I've been doing a bit of research into this hence I'm here on the forum. It appears to be big business in the US but very much in its infancy in the UK. In the UK it's mostly pressure washing of roofs which I won't do or want to get into. I've been on a few sites and asked questions etc but information is very difficult to get out of people so I seem to be going round in circles. I'm considering joining here and becoming a premium member but wanted to ask a few questions first. If I join now will my membership only last till next March (2014)? Are the hints, tips, info I learn on here relevant to operating a soft washing roof cleaning system in the UK? Will I get all the help I need to start from scratch to building a soft wash system and what chemicals/mix ratios I need to do the job 100%? I look forward to your replies Thanks in advance Jonathan Ward :-)
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