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  1. Wow thanks guys for the informative replies. I'll defo buy a marine deep cycle battery, any recommendation on who makes a decent one? Many thanks again for all your help it really is appreciated. Jonathan
  2. Thanks Guys, buying the marine battery isn't a problem it's just that I thought to get started do I really need one or is this something that can be added after I've been up and running for a few months. I'll check with my mechanic friend and see what he says. Regards Jonathan
  3. Hi everyone, As some of you will know I'm assembling my very first roof cleaning system here in the UK. I'm not onto sourcing a deep cycle marine battery can anyone recommend a decent one or are they all much of a muchness? I mate of mine has a few 12v car batteries that he longer needs that would get me started but will the last long? Any help, assistance, advice is always appreciated. Thanks in advance Jonathan
  4. No news from Barry yet after two emails so fingers crossed he'll get back to me soon regards his Master water nozzle, otherwise it'll be plan B.
  5. Sounds like there's money to be made in the industry and the idea of not having to travel much to give estimates appeals to me. Thanks to those who've replied. Jonathan
  6. Thanks Gary, you're a star, I'd buy you a beer if you were closer...lol Just waiting to here back from Barry about whether he'll ship his super duper master water nozzle over to me.... Jonathan
  7. Thanks Gary, just done a quick search on Google for "3/4 banjo valves" there are a few to choose, can you post I link up of the one you'd recommend when you get a minute please? Many thanks again, I finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere with the system.... Jonathan
  8. Many thanks for that Gary, I've emailed Barry to see if they'll ship to the UK. Also what connector would I need to connect this to the 3/4 PVC hose I'm buying? Jonathan
  9. Thanks Hank, I live in a small village with 400 houses so have to travel to where the work comes in from. I have a few towns & cities within the 30 mile radius which covers a huge number of homes. Some of my most profitable jobs have been at the furthest point.
  10. What would the UK equivalent of Gain be something like Fairy Liquid I'm guessing? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, Just wondering how far a radius you cover to do your job? Currently with my pressure cleaning business I cover a 30-40 radius depending on the job. If they are further away or I think they are just fishing for a price I look them up on Google Earth and give them an approx price before then making a trip if they wish to proceed further. We have a good motorway network here so it helps. Nothing worse than driving miles to do a quote and not getting it. Thanks in advance Jonathan
  12. Thanks Gary, the hoses don't come with any connectors so I can source them separately. Next on my list is a plastic lance that will be up to the job, do most guys use a lance with different nozzles like what the Powerwash.com guys sell or is there a better options? Regards Jonathan
  13. Would this hose be any good to use for soft washing? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Red-Braided-Flexible-PVC-Hose-Pipe-for-Water-Air-Oil-Gases-Reinforced-Tubing-/271254738878?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item3f280ad7be Thanks in advance Jonathan
  14. Thanks Gary, I'm trying to source the parts here in the UK which is taking a bit of time but I won't give up as I think this could be a very nice niche market in the UK. I'll keep you posted. Just to check you'd recommend 3/4 over 5/8? The 12v pump I'm using is a 5.5bar max with 7 gpm. Thanks again Jonathan
  15. Thanks Gary, don't suppose you could give me a breakdown of what else I'd need for a basic system, I've already got the 12v pump, tank, battery. Much appreciated Jonathan
  16. Chris would you be able to take some close up photos of your setup for me and also a list of what a basic soft wash roof cleaning setup would require, i'd be extremely grateful to you if you could help me out on this. I'm trying to have something up and running and be able to test come March as that's when the weather is the UK should start to improve. As for the baffled tank although it's called a baffled tank it doesn't actually have baffles in it its one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/window-cleaning-water-tank I'm probably going to use a spare wheelie bin for it as it's all made out of heavy duty plastic and should with stand the chlorine, also its cheaper to replace than my baffled tank. Many thanks in advance Jonathan
  17. Hey all, not been on in a while what with Christmas and over indulging. Belated Happy & Healthy 2014 to everyone. Right down to business. I'm trying to build my own first soft wash roof cleaning system (I live in the UK), I've sourced and bought a 12v pump went for what I thought was a good pump after reading up on them. I've got the Pentaflex Flojet pump. I'm now trying to source the other bits and pieces, I already have a 400lts baffled tank but might use an old wheelie bin I have to start with, and i've got the battery I'm having troubling sourcing a stainless steel manual hose reel at a reasonable price, I'm getting some crazy quotes as it would appear stainless steel is very expensive. I did look at the Powerwash.com kit but shipping and import tax to the UK ruled that out. If anyone can recommend a hose reel I'll have a look to see if I can find the same thing in the UK or see what the cost to import would be. Also looking at the Powerwash.com system has a nice 5/8 polypropylene 3 way marine valve if anyone can recommend a good one of them that would be great. If anyone can assist me in getting the rest of my kit I'd be extremely grateful to you. Thanks in advance Jonathan
  18. Chris, I'm going to try and build my own system as it's turning out to be too expensive (shipping/import tax) to buy one in the US and ship over due to the size and weight. I'm going to start a shopping list then run it by everyone. The is a hose retailer near me that sells all sorts of fitments so I'll go and see them tomorrow and see if they have what I need. You never know I might be able to build kits up to sell over here in the UK..... Regards Jonathan
  19. An interesting thread as this was one question I was going to ask. Here in the UK moss is a huge problem on a lot of roofs, some look like they have a green carpet over them. Will "Soft Washing" remove the moss or does the moss have to be removed by hand then "Soft washed"? Most newish homes aren't too bad, my house is 8 years old and has, black algae, yellow lichen and some moss. Most people who have bad roofs that will require cleaning in the UK will have moss on them, I'm I wrong to assume that "Soft washing" is a silver bullet that will rid it all. I'd rather find out now before investing in a system. Nearly all the roof cleaning guys in the UK I can find pressure wash roofs... If anyone can enlighten me on the full process of cleaning a roof with a heavy moss build up I'd be most grateful. Thanks in advance Jonathan
  20. Chris, do you know if the Powerwash.com guys ship to the UK? Also do you know if there is anywhere on here where I can find an extensive list of all the products I'd required to setup a soft wash system/rig please? Or for my first time would I be better buying a ready made rig and have it shipped to the UK? Many thanks in advance Jonathan
  21. Hi Gary, I've signed on the dotted line so to speak so you should have confirmation from Paypal shortly, thanks in advance Jonathan
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