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  1. I was wondering if there was a classified section on here?
  2. I ordered a new 5-8 GPM General Pump downstream injector and still no matter where I put it at, it still only draws about an inch to an inch and a half out of a five gallon bucket while filling up another five. Is that what I should be getting?
  3. The injector is installed correctly, I will check to see if there are any clogs. I did try filling the bucket without with no wand. Thanks!
  4. The verdict is in. I filled a 5 gallon bucket up and dropped the dip stick in and I filled the other 5 gallon bucket up and hardly an inch was drawn from the other bucket. What's up with that?
  5. Ok thanks, I will try that. At least this will let me know if the injector is doing it's job. 10:1 huh? Somewhere I read these machines came with 20:1 downstream injectors. I wonder if that's true? See I bought this pressure washer from a guy who bought it this March from Pressuretek and it doesn't have the stock downstream injector on it. What he did have with it was a downstream injector/ bypass hookup that he also bought from Pressuretek. I have a downstream injector that was laying loose in a box, that could be the stock one. I guess it all depends on this injector so I will give it a shot like you said. Thanks, Harold
  6. Trust me I give it plenty of time...The injector is working I'm sure of that. I just know that the other pressure washer I use to have, which was a 2-3 GPM machine worked perfectly.
  7. I know some of you roof cleaners are pretty smart about these issues so I though I'd ask. I just started using my Honda 8 GPM pressure washer that I got from Pressuretek and after two houses it seems I have to keep going over and over the mildew and algae to get it to come off. Even then it's like it takes forever. With my old pressure washer it did a lot better. I understand that the 8 GPM washer is putting out much more water therefore less SH but what are you guys doing to make up for it. I even increased my SH to full strength. I have a feeling my SH was a little weak but I'm sure it was stronger than straight Clorox. I had about 100 ft. of hose connected in case yall ask. Thanks, Harold
  8. My setup I bought was already set up with a dip tube. I will eventually change that. For right now I just keep it closed until I need to put the dip tube in. What I want to know is, if I have the tops (manhole) on my tanks screwed on, do i need to vent them regardless? I did notice after a week of having my miter saw in the trailer that the aluminum base had started to corode. That just goes to show you how corosive this stuff is. You also have me worried about SH fumes and my battery, although it is in a battery box. I wonder if I have to worry about the electric start and the SH fumes? All this makes me wonder if I made the right choice in purchasing an enclosed trailer. Should I go to an open trailer or will venting it take care of it altogether? I just don't want to sink money in something to have it go to nothing. Please let me know what your opinion is on all of this please. Thanks, Harold
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