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  1. Sorry to hear about this Chris. It has been a while since last posting. Question I do often wear mask but most of the time I am spraying from roof line standing on ladder, would that make a difference as opposed to walking the roof? In terms of particles being sucked in?
  2. heard that after cleaning roof you can put on a clear coat to make sure shingles stay clean. A customer today called that lives in S. Florida but also has family home in S Georgia that needs the roof cleaned. Mentioned that he had roof cleaned in Florida and that the company put on a clear coat finish. I told him that is something that I have never heard of. So is there anything like that?
  3. Not sure how to clean them up but I either make sure to place bags over certain light fixtures or make sure they are wet before I spray.
  4. Hey I do have a Facebook business page: www.facebook.com/toptobottomga. I have gotten a lot of business from Facebook and now expect more business with website. I have learned a ton from this great forum and from talking with you just a couple of times. Thanks Chris for all you have done for this industry. I will be getting certified in the very near future.
  5. Let me know what you think. http://www.toptobottomga.com
  6. Well based on Chris's recommendation I just purchased the harbor freight compressor. I was starting to have issues with the used rigid ac and replaced it this one from harbor freight. I just could not avoid the great price, let's hope it performs well enough until I am able to purchase a bigger compressor and pump.
  7. Chris I have tried to join the google group but have not been been notified that I have joined the group.
  8. Thanks so much for the advice. I was beginning to think there was no way to remove them. I was on a pressure washer forum and they didn't have any answers some even suggested painting.
  9. Any suggestions? I have tried roof cleaning mix and tried mixing some TPC in the mix as well plus used a soft bristle brush to scrub but the stains are still visible.
  10. Thanks Chris for liking my Facebook page and all you do for this site. I will be in contact soon to become certified.
  11. Hey Chris I am not listed in Georgia, how can I get listed? There is not even a listing for Georgia on the the front page of RCIA.
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