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  1. Some times you just have to shake your head and walk away. It's not that there are to many in the busses it is there are to many that are not full time and having to make a living from it. With that said you part timers do not ask me for advise or help until you have to made the commitment to a full time gig. Sorry if this offends some but this is my solution income and the way I provide for my family.
  2. Craig welcome aboard congratulations on making your first very important step and that obviously is joining RCIA. There are a lot of folks here that are willing to help you, if you're willing to help yourself. Feel free to go into the archives and search and read the different post. you'll see diagrams, you see setups that will answer most of your questions. once you've done that and you're ready to go. Then feel free to jump back in. Again we come aboard.
  3. chris you're absolutely a stand up guy, spray force would not have the success that it has had to date without your help. Utor has obviously made many changes to thier pumps.
  4. my original question still stands what equipment are you using. I talked to a guy 2 weeks ago and he was using a 50:50 mix but he was down streaming????
  5. not enough info buddy what kind of equipment are you using and how are you delivering the product to the roof. Feel free to give me a call anytime more than happy to be helpfull. this is a great place for information go in the archives check out different formulations for different roof types and the answers are there. Best advice I can give read read and read some more.
  6. well its about time John. I think you'll find it's the best money you've ever spent. Lot of information here very helpful. welcome aboard
  7. Yes it is, it is a great program. It has lead to not only stain removal work but work as well. Money Money in the Bank.
  8. you do pay with a credit card with PayPal. When you sign up with PayPal you give them a credit card to use but you can change it anytime. They're guaranteeing the payment.
  9. Welcome new members and hello to the old members. Great information great people here always willing to help.
  10. To those that do not know Craig he is an outstanding individual. Craig I am happy that you have joined RCIA. Craig is the owner founder of F-9 and it's related products. Chris Tucker and Craig Harrison are two of the BEST guys in this industry. I have received job leads from both of these gentlemen that have turned into real jobs producing money for me and my company. To them I say Thanks and keep up the great work. F-9 products are some of the best on the market with the BEST marketing and leads program for it's Trained applicators. RCIA-Chris Tucker and Craig Harrison are leaders in their industries bar none. It therefore only make great sense that we now work together to server our customers. To this end I say THANKS to both Chris and Crag. Your Sincerely,
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