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  1. They grip shingles pretty well, but not as well as cougar paws. They are awesome on tile roofs though.
  2. I don't know about you, but when I get done cleaning a roof, it does not smell clean. Maybe if it was just a swimming pool type smell it would, but the bleach smell combined with the smell of dying roof algae creates a funk that just can not seem to be covered up, no matter how good my mix smells in the tank.
  3. I tried ordering one last week, and there was an error at checkout. I emailed customer service, but never heard back.
  4. I got a sample pack from Chemia. I liked all of the cover scents that they sent me but I only tried them with ds house wash mix. The sample sizes were not large enough for a batch of Roof mix. the orange and green apple for my favorite out of the ones they sent me, but the fresh scent did the best job of covering up date chlorine smell. I actually couldn't smell bleach at all. It just smells like laundry detergent or something.
  5. Welcome, Ted! I'm not sure I can remember how to create an avatar here or else I would tell you. Signatures are just for paying members around here. Lol
  6. Less expensive alternatives to Green Wash and Bleach Wash: http://shop.pressurewasherky.us/Soft-Wash-Solutions_c161.htm
  7. Link doesn't work, Chris. So what exactly do you use Sodium Metasilicate for? It shines up metal and tile? Is it a surfactant?
  8. Yeah, I understand that mixing too much can make it stick to plants. Most of the houses here have gutters though. I'll have to experiment with mixing the two. Maybe I'll try it with Gain.
  9. I have used it on a couple roofs so far, and I like it okay, but honestly, it doesn't stick that much better than the Roof Snot I have been using. Roof Snot is a blend of MAO an LO. It would be nice to find a good way to mix the two,and get an easy to pour, high foaming soap like Roof Snot. I love that stuff, but I have to pinch the pennies to keep this business going at this point. MAO an LO are both $75 for 5 gallons with delivery included flat rate with my bleach. Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire using Forum Fiend v1.2.7.
  10. Anyone using MAO aka Ammonyx M? Local chemical supplier here can get it for me fairly cheap. Gonna give it a try. Any suggestions on mix ratios?
  11. Here, I am dealing with a lot of high peaks and steep pitches on shingle roofs with gutters. I don't want to be spraying 17 GPM, but I do want to be able to spray far at like 7-8 GPM with a 40' or so stream. Will the 5 HP 9 can at 90 psi compressor do that for me? Tired if climbing steep roofs.
  12. Okay, so I have a 1/2" All-Flo PT-05 A pump that someone gave me. I talked to Lori at PWP, and apparently I need a 9 HP air compressor to power this thing! I guess the $500 Harbor Freight compressor will not be good enough. Anybody know where I can get a 9 HP air compressor for a reasonable price? I'm willing to use a Honda knockoff engine for now if I have to. Craigslist has got nothing.
  13. If you do more than one roof a week, you got me beat! House washing is still my bread and butter.
  14. Definitely. Hope you get it up and running, Chris. I know I for sure would be on here more often. I'm sure others would too.
  15. What is the GPM/ PSI of this thing? Is there any way to know how far these pumps will spray? I'm guessing it's similar to a pressure washer with the same flow rate and the 0 degree soap tip.
  16. Awesome. I check all my Tapatalk forums almost every day. It makes it so convenient to switch between PWI, PT State, PWR, etc.
  17. I accidentally put my reply mixed in the quote itself... I knew it wasn't a real Honda engine, but for $599 brand new, I thought it might still be a good deal. Worst come to worse, I could replace the engine, and still come in under what some of the air compressors with Hondas cost new. Sorry for the duplicate posts and stuff, I can't seem to figure out how this forum works. You need to get on Tapatalk!
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