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  1. i have done it, really makes no difference. if you are rinsing it I find that you just have more to rinse off. I only add a 250 ml to a 50 gal mix. when you clean a straight up and down siding wall nobody bumps up the surfactant and it cleans just fine. You may have to re spray the peaks as there is nothing from above running down on it.
  2. I have a Green Metal roof coming up - same design as the one Michael posted. Same protocol? It's 19 years old with a lot of chalking from the sun on the south side. Will be using a water fed pole to remove all the milky chalking away
  3. It's a powder? Isn't this used for degreasing as well? What concentration of SM do you use?
  4. 20% sh in the mix are you crazy? that wont do anything. We clean tile roofs like this all the time. Rarely do we see a tile roof that isn't less dirty then that one. 50/50 on all tile roofs here. It's ok to use as high strength as you want when it comes to concrete, tile, slate etc. just make SURE a) they have a gutter system and b.) soak plants like hell or cover them if the day is not too hot. If we were to do it. Remove the bulk patches of moss first with a soft nylon bristle brush, then spray and then rinse with a setup somewhat of what bruce sullivan uses. Price? $3000.00 + tax Replace any split or broken tiles included with the sale. (up to 10 i would say)
  5. Damn you did a good job on your first roof. Did you have a helper rinsing while you were spraying? It's tough to do a house alone without a rinser! That rig is so beast, I wish that's what my first setup looked like haha. I wouldn't advise wrecking a really nice nozzle that's really nice for rinsing. Stainless steel PITS like crazy from SH. Get a trigger gun from the power wash store with 1540 (or 1530), 2530, 0020, 0030 MEG tips attached to a 4 banger holder. It will last much longer. If you live in a really hot climate you dont need crazy flow tips, you will just waste chemical.
  6. why didn't you just buff an area with your finger, I've come across this before and when it didn't do anything I just rubbed my finger over it to test for chaulking. never have i had to go over 1.5% for any exterior home siding. never have i used 10% SH on any surface at any given time. The sodium hydroxide is quite high after 6.25% and can cause long term damage on any surface
  7. Is it painted aluminum or steel? If it's aluminum go 50/50 and rinse like hell, it will turn out amazing. IF it's steel watch out for worn painted areas. It will accelerate the exposed areas to further rust. Oh, don't go 50/50 if there is no gutters. Stay down at 3%. I did a average size roof like this and only used 15 gallons of mix, took 4 hours and made $2,400 bucks. I love metal roofs
  8. Because it's a pain to mix. If you want a good amount of it in your mix it can cause clumps and clog your system, especially if you are bottom drawing. On top of that it's more time consuming and costs more money for really nothing a customers going to notice. TSP also etches glass. IF you clean a roof with skylites and your using the correct amount of tsp to actually do work, it will etch the glass
  9. wow that's amazing. I can't find it anywhere here in that volume. Everything in USA is sold bigger, better and cheaper lol.
  10. 250 - 500 ml in a 50 gal mix (roof strength or siding) on a hot day. That's it. When the sun is gone and the days are cooler we add more.
  11. The best part about this is Half of all your posts are on this page
  12. Hey did you know, that marketed gutter cleaners use sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to remove oxidization and tiger striping It can be done with just sodium hydroxide in the SH I've done it before Mind you lots of gutter cleaners can absolutely destroy landscaping also
  13. Did you even look at the link i posted? It's the MSDS of the A&H with oxi clean. This isn't a religion man, the facts are right there planted for you. Quit believing what you want to believe. I give up!
  14. Think what you want lol. What we use was exclusively passed down by a highly reputable member here on this board, i didn't come up with this or figure this out. Again there is no sodium per carbonate n the A&H product haha. I have used my mixed weeks later after mixing and it still works, but i guess that means nothing to you either. Can someone please reinforce that bad gutter oxidization cannot be fully removed with a brush and water lol. A very strong Sh mix can remove it also, once you go over 6% SH the sodium hydroxide really starts to work. Would i recommend it? No probably not because the chance of nuking plants is really high. Just because it says oxi clean on it doesn't mean there is SP in it lol. Welcome to marketing. Link to there MSDS below on this. https://wercs.churchdwight.com/webviewer.external/private/document.aspx?prd=MSDS-101A~~PDF~~MTR~~NAM~~EN~~2009-11-20 11%3A51%3A03~~ARM %26 HAMMER ESENTIAL PLUS OXICLEAN LIQUID DETERGENT W/O ENZYMES~~&productName_option=d__value~&productID_option=d__value~&language=d__EN&CUSTOM1=d__Laundry Products&hidRequiredList=ConcatedValue = Now, I hope this helps this paint the picture for you and for anyone else.
  15. Lol. Baking soda doesn't neutralize SH (I actually made that post when I was looking into baking soda as an additive and yeah that is incorrect - spoke too soon). They work better together. I've been using A&H for a long time now and i have never had a problem with it for roof and exterior cleaning. Jeff before you start making assumptions why don't you try these methods for yourself. I have never chaulked the siding of any exterior i've cleaned before lol. As for oxidization there are products we've used the you simply spray on and it disappears but we don't so that as a service. It is impossible to scrub oxidization off a gutter (or any aluminum surface) with just a brush and water so have fun with that. As for mixing,I just pour the A&H in the mix and do nothing else, it's not a powder lol. Gain is annoying because of how badly it suds up when you rinse a roof. We rinse virtually all of ours because of how much moss we have up here. Joy reeks like a pack of skunks, so we stick with what we know works best. There is no sodium percarbonate in the A&H either lol. And for sodium carbonate, liking sodium bicarbonate, they both work well in enhancing SH. If you add to much to your mix, all it does is leaves an annoying residue on windows that can be removed with ease with a water fed pole. otherwise it's no sweat.
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