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  1. Eric, What happened Buddy, I talked to you down at Myrtle Beach a month or so ago and you were pumped to be getting that skid? Hope all is well, I'll put the word out in MD / VA and let you know if I get any interest.. Richard
  2. In the process of getting signed up as we speak, sent the application in today and looking forward to it!
  3. Kevin, is it just me or does anyone else think it needs a bigger hose reel? Seriously though, when you do slide the ladder forward can you still get in and out of the passenger door? I definitely enjoy watching your build outs come to life, I wish I was that mechanically inclined. Heck, I wish I was half that mechanically inclined..
  4. The one I looked at (after driving 3 1/2 hours to get there) at least according to the odometer, said it was only getting 9.8 mpg.. I've talked to several reputable people who claim 14, one was a box truck and the rest stake beds. I couldn't justify putting that much money into the pockets of countries that hate us, my wife and I both drive hybrids and I have solar panels on my roof. I try and stick it back to them every chance I get, ever since the Navy Seals sent OBL to his 101 virgins at the bottom of the sea it's been a paid holiday for our company ever since..
  5. That sounds like the way a good spray truck should go out, run it right into the ground and then sell it for scrap!
  6. Point well taken, I'll have to check with my Insurance Agent. Maryland license requirements are the same for both trucks and the NQR has the same engine as the NPR just heavier springs. I drove 3 1/2 hours one way yesterday to look at the NQR Box truck, their deposit fell through so I thought it was an omen till I saw on the computerized odometer that it was only getting 9.8 miles per gallon. I jumped my ass right back into my Prius and hauled tail back to MD. I've chatted with several people on a couple of the forums that swear their getting 14 mpg and I believe them so maybe there was an issue with this one. Although it was a 2012 with 113K on it and still under warranty. They tried to tell me they leave it sitting around Idling a lot, offered them 25K but they turned me down. Kinda glad they did, I didn't want to drive it 3 1/2 hours home anyway, it definitely drives like a truck. I'm looking at the NQR stake bed now, we have a big ass air compressor and I want to add a hot machine and bigger tanks on it to replace my full size Chevy pick-up air rig that we ran this year. Also looking for an NPR Ecomax box truck to replace my other roof truck, an old 05 Dodge 4x4 that I'll save just for plowing in the winter, maybe I'll milk it for a few more years that way.. People are swearing the Eco Boxes are getting 15-16, hell, thats better than my Tundras!
  7. OK, after using F9 Rust Remover with excellent results for about a year now I've finally found a real challenge for F9 Efflo Calcium Deposit Remover. (Efflorescence Remover) I'm waiting for my order to come in so we can try it on this slate roof, its a bit tricky with the copper roof butting right up against the slate but what the heck, you only live once.. (but can be sued over and over,,)
  8. Hey Robin, Thanks good to be back on here after sooo long. The Tundras are GREAT, Thats almost all I've run for the entire 27 years in business. I had a bunch of Dodge Sprinters for a while and couldn't wait to get rid of them. Biggest pieces of crap (no pun intended..) I ever had. Went right back to Tundras. With that said, the roof rigs are on a new Chevy 2500 4x4 we got last year and the other one is on a 2004 Dodge 4x4. The Chevy Van in the picture has a truck mounted carpet machine. The new Chevy Diesel is a beast and gets us about 15 MPG loaded. I've also got another 2014 Chevy full size 6 cyl. that gets about 17-18, both good trucks. It's about time the US starts building vehicles that can keep up with the Japs.. Apologies if I've offended any Jap Roof cleaners out there, its just that your chit rocks!
  9. Thanks Hank, and yes I hate to open that bill but not as much as my wife's credit card bill at the end of the month..
  10. Thanks Chris, Pops hanging in there but the clock is winding down pretty fast. He really enjoyed the ride over to Tampa, we had lots of good times over there back in his Moving Company heyday.. And yes, I did take your advice on the ROOF CLEANING over Softwashing. Roof Cleaning lets you know what your getting, Softwashing is too much of a grey area.. enough said?? LOL.
  11. Ditto that, we've been using F9 for almost a year now and haven't found anything even close to what F9 does. I'm waiting for the F9 Efflo calcium deposit remover for a slate roof job that had a stone bleed out on it. I'll post some before and after pictures soon.. Oh, did I mention Craig was returning my calls about 930 PM the other night..?? Now that's customer service..
  12. I do to, is it vinyl just applied directly to the tank? Looks like a page taken out of the Chris Tucker playbook.. Lol.
  13. Hey Chris, Thanks for the tip, Im checking out the Fuso's now as well..
  14. Damn Peak, I usually buy my trucks new but thought I'd go late model used, low miles in decent shape. I found a 2012 NQR with 116000 miles on it down in Norfolk VA but it sold for 29900. before I could get there to look at it. After reading your above post I'm second guessing the used route now but new ones run around 50 - 60 K new..
  15. I'm curious how many members out there are currently or have ran these trucks in their business. Any good or bad feedback would be much appreciated. I'm looking at either a stake bed or box truck being added next spring. I'm most curious about the MPG's the diesel's get?? Any pictures would be great! Thanks!
  16. I'd like to take a moment to thank Chris Tucker and Gary for all their help setting us on the right track last winter toward adding roof cleaning to our list of pressure washing services. It has been a fantastic season thus far and we're already shopping for that Isuzu box truck to wrap and add to the fleet next spring. Chris, I'll be in Florida for the PWNA show next month and the steaks and ice cold beer are on me![
  17. Hey Guys, Its been quite a while since I've been on.. Hope everyone has been as busy as we have this season! I'm actually looking forward to the coming off-season up here in Maryland. I could use a little help here, I looked at a nice slate roof today that has efflorescence coming down off the stone chimneys unto the slate roof. The slate roof is also bordered by another roof made of copper, hence my problem. Has anyone ever removed the white chalky efflorescence off slate and if so will that same chemical be detrimental to the copper roof? I've already put in a call to Craig with "F9 Barc" but was hoping for feedback here as well.. Thanks in advance! Richard Bond
  18. Thanks, had a chance to test drive the new cannon yet? Love to see a couple of action pics or videos..!!
  19. One thing I've learned from RCIA, take Chris's recommendations and run with them. He may be a little opinionated, but never wrong..
  20. Thanks Rich, hows it going up in beautiful Chilliwack? Has the snow started to melt yet??
  21. Thanks Dave, I have to give all the credit to my man Barry. He's got a knack for writing very good blogs, just wish he had more time..
  22. I love to use them but hate to take them, used my points a couple years ago to go to Hawaii and had a blast, especially since the cards paid for it! Not getting the card logos on was an oversight, thanks for the eagle eye and the offer but we'll take them off our old one as soon as I get time to breath.. This is shaping up to be a great year already!
  23. Thanks Gary, You wont regret it. Barry really knows his stuff, lock him in before he gets a big head and raises his prices.. :)
  24. Your probably already on it but the original post still takes them to the old site..
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