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  1. thanks for your replies. yes, it has mostly lichen and black mold as well as moss in the brick pavers. I did not spelling out well enough , but the stones have metal plaques attached to them I am very concerned about damaging the with the mix. any ideas on how to protect them?
  2. Hi folks, I got an estimate to do on a a local veterans memorial. It consists of a brick walkway, granite benches and large granite stones with metal plaques attached. There is lichen black mold as well as some moss growing on the surfaces. The customer does not want me to use a power washer. I thought that a house wash mix and a hard bristle brush, then rinse. Does anyone have any suggestions. I want to do this job at cost so I'm not going to make any money. It's the right thing to do for me. Has anyone done work on monuments? Thanks, Ray
  3. Great topic and even better info. Thanks a bunch. My question may be better in its own post. Sorry bout that. Anyway, what is everyone doing for the lower half of the body. I have been dressing in poly gym shorts or sweatpants. It's not the most professional look, but works out. I would love to hear your experiences.
  4. I tried them for 2 years. They do not have a category for roof cleaners. The leads were ok, but the leads were only 1 a month. Bad investment! I paid too much! I'm going with my webpage, Google ads this year and local advertising.
  5. I always wondered what others thought about work clothes and the chems. I wear polyester blend gym shorts or sweats depending on temperature. With that goes a polyester blend shirt. Both from Walmart and cheap to replace. I find the sweats get spotty after a few jobs, but the shorts last and last. Very comfortable and most importantly breathable. They dry real fast so even on some very hot days I will wet myself down and not feel heavy like with cotton.
  6. Good post. I have not done any metal roofs yet, but have wondered how I would approach doing one. Regarding rinsing and using bleach neutralizer, is this the same product available at pool suppliers? I have not looked at the chemical name, but thought it may be the same.
  7. I did a roof with heavy rust stains and it has come out almost completely using ox. I seem to be getting more roofs with rust stains from the chimney stack. I have added a before and after. The ox is far less expensive than the F9 and works really well.
  8. I got a meangreen at tractor supply two weeks ago I couldnt get a 3/4" though.
  9. Joshua, I have experienced the same issue at times. Usually it's due to air trapped. I use a drop stick so while the pump is on, I move the stick up and down in the mix tank forcing mix into the hose. This is more than enough to get the pump primed and running. If that does not do it, I look for kink in my output hose. That more times than not is the problem. I love my 12V! Ray Rhodysoftwash.com
  10. Just got a quote from them and they blew my local guy out of the water. As a matter of fact, my local guy worked for over a month to get me a quote that he thought was respectable. He really worked hard to get the insurance that I needed to clean roofs. The sad part is that his underwriters from the various insurance companies did not know how to charaterize roof washing. The quote I got was through and comprehensive. Oh, and by the way, I learned about Joe from this forum. I have paid my premium and have learned much from the folks here. So, if you are still on the fence about joining, I highly recommend paying your dues and getting in. Ray
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