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  1. Power washing is NOT the best method for cleaning most exterior surfaces. Although it is still a vital piece of equipment for many tasks there is a better way!! Soft-washing is a extremely effective way to remove dirt mold mildew algae and grime from surfaces on and around your home or property. Because of its very low pressure you are able to quickly clean a surface with out any damage at all. Dirty-roof.com is Long Islands leading exterior cleaning company. We have the experience and equipment to make your property look its best and we have the work ethic and professionalism to get your project done quickly, with no hassle and at a reasonable cost. The cleaning season is quickly approaching call us soon to discuss our services and let us show you how good your home can look. Some of our services: Cedar Roof cleaning, Slate roof cleaning, House washing, deck restoration, Gutter brightening and cleaning, paver cleaning and rust stain removal Erik Baumer Dirty-Roof.com 516-804-0447
  2. Ted keep a record of everything. And dont waste more money and time collecting then the deadbeat owes you. If you get one deadbeat every five years its not to bad and you can write it off
  3. I always use 20 gallons of fresh SH with 40 gallons of h2o. Roughly 33% SH Very easy to do the math. whatever amount of SH I use i add double the water. If im running low during a cleaning i can easily add more to the tank without changing the strength. For me the yellow lichen is the worse and we have lots of it! takes a few application and some waiting for it to whiten up. The heavy black algae stains take a few coats also. The roofs are clean when we leave and we dont rinse. If it looks similar to picture 4 above then it needs another application.
  4. On long island I pay $3.50 a gallon for SH. And have been using gain. Going to try some Lemon or Ultra next. We get some that make comments about the smell, not sure if there complaining.
  5. Dirty-roof.com was contracted to clean this asphalt shingle roof. This roof cleaning was performed in Howard Beach NY 11414. This roof was covered in black ugly stains that really brought down the curb appeal of this beautiful home. The professional team at dirty-roof.com was able to remove those stains and increase the look and value drastically. At Dirty-Roof.com we clean all exterior surfaces from both residential and commercial properties using a soft washing process, This process does not use a power washer and therefore we will not damage the surfaces we are cleaning. Call TODAY for all your exterior cleaning needs 516-804-0447
  6. Dirty-Roof.com specializes in cleaning slate roofing. Our special process is 100% safe for the roof and the surrounding areas. We have the experience to restore that beautiful slate roof to like new condition. We can kill and eliminate the infestations that are causing premature wear of your roof. Our service areas include all of Long Island NY. We will also travel outside our normal coverage area for special projects. We have cleaned large commercial buildings with slate roofing as well as little bungalows and cabins. The professionalism and quality you will get from Dirty-Roof.com will be second to none. We are a family owned and operated business. Providing an excellent value, a quality product, and excellent customer service are our top priorities. If you are in need of our services please dont hesitate to call. We'd love to hear from you and earn your business. Erik Baumer 516-804-0447 Roof cleaning Brookville, roof cleaning Manhasset, roof cleaning Old Westbury, roof cleaning North Hills, roof cleaning Oyster Bay, roof cleaning Lattingtown. roof cleaning Mill Neck,
  7. Dirty-Roof.com has just finished this no pressure roof cleaning in Massapequa NY. This customer was tired of the way there roof looked with the algae and lichen covering a good part of it. They were so happy when we said we can clean it and they didnt have to replace it. Call today for your Long Island roof cleaning quote! 516-804-0447
  8. Hes right ^ Muriatic acid is very common for cleaning brick and tile. but the roof below should of been tarped under any fladhing to keep the shingles dry. and that spot on the upper roof is the case solver! Ted what did the clients say or was this done before they moved in?
  9. bruce ive looked at your truck in the pics. are you using the truck to charge the batteries for the pump? how is that set up?
  10. Dirty-roof.com was contacted for slate roof cleaning long island at this large home on the north shore of long island. The slate on this house was of nice quality Vermont slate but it was starting to become overcome with algae moss and lichen due to trees covering parts of the home. This home was broken up into many different sections and roof lines with brand new landscaping all around (The landscaping work cost more than most homes) but was no problem for the experience and knowledge of Dirty-Roof.com. Although we clean any type of roofing we specialize in the finer materials roofing materials such as slate roof cleaning and cedar roof cleaning. We also specialize in the more difficult jobs and the larger homes. After pictures to follow this week! Call us TODAY! for a free roof cleaning estimate 516-804-0447 www.DIRTY-ROOF.com


    What are you guys using the TSP for? I know its a very good cleaner but i have not needed anything more than my 30/70 w/ some soap. Although we have not had the chance to clean a tile roof yet.
  12. Just the nozzle on the end of your chemical hose? no ball valve needed? With that you dont have to change tips back and forth
  13. Im from the island too. This island is like a pool filled with people who cant swim everyone is trying to stay afloat by drowning the next guy. Most customers dont care about anything but the bottom line. They never ask if a company is licensed and insured and if they do they never ask for proof. This is the same with home improvements here if you own a car and a toolbelt your a contractor! Im not kidding. I lose remodeling jobs all the time because some guy gave a price that will eventually put him out of business. The problem is regulation. We have all these laws about licensing- but NO-ONE is enforcing them. They'll bust maybe 4 guys a year and give them a fine. and they go right back to doing it. 4 guys out of 100,000 is nothing. Heres what i would do. find out who is low balling and give them a call. Professionally explain to them what they are doing. Tell them they are selling themselves short and leaving money on the table. Maybe they dont know, maybe they dont understand business. they just see some money in their pocket at the end of the day and think they're making money when in fact they're probably losing money.
  14. funny you say that- some of those exempt under obamacare are . . . . . . . . . . 1: congress/senate/president and their staff 2: those who are incarcerated (jail) and . . . . . . . . 3: those who are in this country illegally! So just like now those who are in this country illegally will not have to contribute one dime to this, they dont pay their taxes but will get free healthcare anyway
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