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  1. Great questions! The 6' model contains (1) 100 gallon chemical storage tank and (1) 50 gallon mixing tank. This allows someone to clean 6 - 7 average size roofs while staying within the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. We do offer a 8' model that contains (2) 100 gallon tanks. However, one must possess a HAZMAT endorsement on their drivers license in order to purchase. A 1/2 ton pick-up such as a Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado 1500 can easily carry the weight of one of these skids. However, if the truck is consistently filled with fluid, then we recommend an upgraded suspension to withstand the payload.
  2. What do you guys think of the new design? We designed this with simplicity in mind. There is no need to adjust anything; just slip it into any 6 foot truck box and away you go. It is also the most light-weight skid in the industry. We all know that the chemicals weigh enough by themselves. The best feature about this skid is the fact that is it a 100% closed system. It has an integrated 3/4" draw hose to pull the chemical right from the drum on the ground without the need for a secondary pump or fill station. Also, with the new Basket Strainer, you are able to reuse any run-off; lowering your material costs.
  3. Are you tired of searching the internet for the correct way to start a roof cleaning business? Well consider your search complete! Certified SoftWash Systems, LLC offers the ONLY Turnkey Roof Cleaning Package that is recommended by the roofing material manufacturers. This turnkey opportunity will give you all the tools necessary to get your roof cleaning business off the ground in 8 weeks or less. Our package includes: The Industry-Exclusive Certified SoftWash System (CSS_006) A Brand New 2013 Ford F-250 complete with a vinyl wrap. The credibility of an established Brand & Image. Marketing Materials & Techniques proven to be the most effective. 50 Start-Up Lawn Signs 500 EDDM Post Cards 2500 4 x 6 Post Cards An exclusive web listing for every zip code and county that you service. ​Social Media Listings on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ A local telephone number that is hosted by our advanced VoIP PBX. A company E-Mail Address (your.name@uglyshingles.com) On-Site Training 24 Hour Support You will also get to choose a service area of your choice with a total population of < 250,000. This Total Turnkey Package is: $49,995.00. What are you waiting for? Don't Let this great opportunity "wash away"!
  4. What are they made out of? My only concern would be the longevity of the metal(s).
  5. Here is a simple and cost-effective advertising product for your business.
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